Nina Dobrev Desperate for Work: Returning to ‘The Vampire Diaries?’


Nina Dobrev fears that she may end up having to return to The Vampire Diaries, having found it extremely difficult to find work outside of the hit TV-program, it has been reported. The actress, who announced her departure from the show earlier this year, was believed to have quit following the news that her ex-boyfriend (and on-screen lover) Ian Somerhalder had become engaged to Nikki Reed.

Many outlets claimed that the 26-year-old did not feel comfortable with the fact that she would continue to shoot love scenes with a married man that was once her boyfriend. The whole situation got very awkward, and so she ended up making the decision to leave the program, hoping that something else would come along. But Dobrev did not think it would be this difficult.

Ever since her departure from the CW program, the TV-star has allegedly been trying to make it happen for herself, having shown interest in several upcoming movies, but nobody has made the move to hire her. Fans felt that the actress may have given up with acting as numerous of photos have emerged in recent months showing Dobrev doing nothing but partying with her friends on yachts.

Reports suggest that if her struggle to find work in Hollywood continues this way, there is no doubt that she will have to make her return to TVD, leaving her no option but to put up with Somerhalder and his new wife, who supposedly visits him on-set a lot How awkward would it be for Dobrev to return to the show, only to find out they have another love scene planned for the former couple, while Reed watches it all go down. At the end of the day, Dobrev really has to figure out what she wants to do.

Executive producer, Julie Plec, has already stated in previous interviews that Dobrev is always welcome to return to the show, adding that the door will always be open for her. And one should note that the money that the 26-year-old was making on the show was pretty impressive. Its leading actors were pulling close to $100,000 per episode — for a full season, she could have easily made around $2.6million. But now that she does not have anything in the pipeline, the cash is sure to run out sooner than later.

It is quite ironic that while Dobrev was working on The Vampire Diaries, she was constantly asked to star in blockbuster hits, such as Let’s Be Cops and Chloe. But now that she has left the program, and has dedicated all her time to becoming a credible actress in Hollywood, she seems to have been blackballed by the industry, seeing that she has not found anything in over seven months.

TVD is expected to return next month. One should not be surprised if Dobrev returns midway through the series.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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