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Street Fighter
With the latest installment in the Street Fighter franchise coming to the home system, more and more character updates are revealed. The latest addition to the growing roster of fighters is the female wrestler Rainbow Mika. The colorful character is the series female version of the one of it originals, Zangief, with a unique twist. Mika was already a fan-favorite and her return to the series should come as no surprise for fanboys and girls.

Just this past week, Capcom released the information that a familiar face was returning to the series. Mika first made her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 in 1998, on the first generation Playstation, along with new character’s Juni and Juli, Karin, and Cody. Mika’s colorful appearance of bright blue and white wrestler’s uniform coincides with her idolization of mainstay Zangief. Her fighting style copies the fighter as well, but it also adds a unique blend of humor and flamboyance to match her personality.

Rainbow Mika’s background is a little less complex. Although paying homage to her favorite Zangief, Mika was tutored under another pro-wrestling coach. Her love for the Street Fighter competition made her devote her career towards traveling the world and spreading the word about the tournament.

Street FighterThough Mika was first introduced in the late ’90s, the jubilant fighter was only featured in that one installment of Street Fighter. The latest edition will mark her triumphant return to the series in a bold new way. Her move set will be a blend of high-flying moves, close combat, sneaky attacks, and devastating grabs. Picking Mika will also allow players the option to fight with her tag-team partner, Nadeshiko.  Players will be able to access the other fighter via three different variations of a special command, titled the V-trigger. Mika’s prowess during battle will definitely come in handy during close combat players and those that like to keep their opponent in submission.

Rainbow Mika’s return is the latest of the fighter updates to hit the interwebs, which already consists of old and new characters. Already set to be featured in Street Fighter V are staples Ryu and a newly designed Ken. The villainous M.Bison makes his triumphant return, whether he is the boss this time around or not has yet to be determined. The pigtailed and fan-favorite Cammy joins the colorful cast. Birdie, masked fighter Vega, and mainstay Chun-Li also make their return to the new installment. Guile’s comrade Charlie returns from an alluded death to fight alongside them as well. How Charlie made it back into the game from his fatality in the Alpha series has yet to be determined.

Street FighterBesides the old faces that have made the Street Fighter series such a success, Capcom has also updated the character roster to include a new fighter named Necalli is the first of four new fighters to be introduced to the public. With his long red locks, half of a karate gi, and unique style of pounding the ground and thrashing at the opponent, Necalli is like a weird jungle mix of Akuma and Blanka. Much is still yet to be revealed about the character, but there is still a lot of time before the game hits the shelves in March 2016.

Considering that Capcom announced that all the downloadable content for Street Fighter V will be free, there are no limits to the character updates and rosters. This new system of earning points for upgrades and content will allow for several hours of gameplay. This will be the first time the franchise has made it easy for gamers to purchase new characters without reaching into their wallet and sets the bar a little higher for competition. As far as Rainbow Mika’s character update, fans can rest assure that she will not be the last of a familiar face to return to the series.

Rainbow Mika Character Reveal:

Necalli Character Reveal:

By Tyler Cole
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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Images Courtesy of Capcom, Co, Ltd.

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