Alienware 18 2015 Not Worth the High Cost [Review]

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Alienware 18

Approximately two years have passed since Alienware 18 was released for sale, yet Dell has suddenly brought it back to the forefront with the release of an upgraded Alienware 18 2015 laptop for a limited time only. Alienware is notorious in the gaming industry for having arguably the best gaming laptops in the industry, and many gamers swear by it. Ultimately, it appears as though the updated edition is not worth its high cost.

The 2015 Alienware 18 contains the newest Intel Core i7 4th Gen processor and a quad-core 4940MX that runs at 4.4 GHz when configured to run at the highest speed. As far as the all-important GPU, Dell has given buyers a choice of either dual NVIDIA 980M or NVIDIA 970M dual graphics chips. The available RAM is maxed out at 32 GB DDR3 and can fill as many as four hard drives.

The GPU is often the difference between a good gaming experience or a bad one. The quick specifications of the NVIDIA GeForce 970M are 1280 for Cuda Cores with a base clock of 924 MHz+ boost and HDMI-support. The NVIDIA GeForce 980M operates with a base clock of 1038+boost and the Cuda Cores is 1536. Alienware is known for overheating, so it would probably be wiser to choose the NVIDIA 970M.

When it comes to display, an 1920×1080 18-inch monitor sounds like a rip-off, considering that there are phones that can display 4k, but it still has Full HD 1080p, which is a neat balance between quality and performance. The Alienware laptop also retains the unique, sophisticated design that can easily translate between the office to the gaming arena. Dell describes the Alienware 18 as its most powerful gaming laptop.

The main advantage of the Alienware 18 is that it gives the consumer a great gaming experience. The disadvantages are as they have always been, and make the computer not worth its high cost. The updated Alienware 18 2015 has a hefty price tag of $4,699.90, which is enough to give most people second thoughts.

The specifications and features released by a company may be an accurate representation of a product when it is first purchased, but sometimes the performance of a product may not always be the same. Alienware 18 has had a lot of positive feedback, with consumers saying that they love its performance, albeit the price, but a lot of complaints have been registered as well.

According to some consumers,  the gaming laptop overheats, and one consumer mentioned that he was burned by the Alienware 18. Others report that the Microsoft Windows software included on the laptop stopped working a few days after purchase and the recovery disc that accompanied the computer was not functional. One man reported that after purchasing the Alienware 18, it started to reject the adapter after a few days. He details purchasing a new one only to have the same thing happen.

The Alienware 18 is one of the best gaming laptops in the world, and there are bound to be defective products in any mass release. It seems the greater issue is that Dell has very poor customer service, and customers who find themselves with faulty laptops report that the service they receive from the company is often poor.

When purchasing anything from a company, especially at such a high price, it is wise to read consumer reviews from legitimate sites in order to avoid a potentially nasty shock. All things considered, the performance level of the Alienware 18 2015 is a three out of five. It is a good, but expensive, purchase for gaming as long as customer service by Dell is not necessary. However, many other gaming laptops with a 4k display perform just as well, and could be purchased for a lower price, making the newest Dell offering not worth the high cost.

Review by Tanatswa Taruvinga

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