Apple Inc Is Ready to Reveal Hidden Gems for Next Generation

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Apple Inc

The date has been announced and CEO Tim Cook, of Apple Inc is ready to reveal the hidden gems for the next generation of the tech giant’s most coveted products. This includes their signature iPhone. It has been an annual event for Apple to set aside a day during the latter part of the year, to reveal their latest products and stop the speculation, according to MacRumors. Bringing the end to what typically starts immediately after a sweeping new product launch, the rumors that began for what is coming next from the world’s most valuable brand, according to Forbes. The headquarters for Apple is located in Cupertino, CA, and the company was founded on April 1, 1976 by Ronald Gerald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steven Paul Jobs.

The original vision of the founders of Apple was to develop and sell personal computers. Apple was eventually incorporated and became Apple Computer Inc. in Jan. 1977. Then to reflect a shift from their original plan, and to focus more on consumer electronics, subsequently the company was renamed Apple Inc in Jan. 2007, according to Apple Museum. This has resulted in their rise to becoming one of the most successful companies within the industry, according to Forbes. The anticipation is building and the big announcement is scheduled to occur on Sept. 9, 2015, in San Francisco, CA. At that time, Apple Inc will be ready to unveil the next wave of their most coveted and popular products (hidden gems) for the next generation. According to International Business Times, the tech giant is expected to present all of their new products from the new iPhone 6S to Apple TV and the new iPad Pro.

September usually coincides with a big announcement of the new iPhone and 2015 is no exception. It may not be as easy to top the most stunning part of last year’s announcement by CEO Tim Cook, when he introduced the world to the new Apple Watch. Indicating just how ready Apple Inc is to take their place in the personal technology market. However, there are plenty of surprises to delight Apple fans and potentially create a few new ones. For the new iPhone by Apple Inc there will be two new options to choose from, the 6S and 6S plus. According to CNET, the bodies are just a little larger and have been formed from the same “7000 series” aluminum, used to manufacture the Apple Watch. There is a hotly anticipated faster A9 processor and not only a better camera, but one with 12 pixels. Other product announcements to expect include:

  • Upgraded Apple TV with new box

  • IOS 2 for Apple Watch

  • A new operating system, IOS9

Among the buzz and high expectations, a rarely asked question is, how does Apple Inc. get people to buy new phones every year? The answer is quite simple almost to the point it seems that the leadership, engineers and software developers are ingenious. Actually, any time Apple Inc releases a new software update or mobile operating system, normally once a year, a powerful cycle maintains momentum. This then leads to a frenzy of people rushing to download the updates, which are created to work on an updated platform and hardware. Because of the anticipation, software developers create and update apps for the latest operating system. The updates are known to take up space on existing devices and ultimately has an adverse impact on system performance according to The Huffington Post. Leading the consumer to the only logical conclusion, to upgrade to the latest device.

After months of increasing anticipation and internet hype, Apple Inc. is ready to make their new tech toys known to the world. Release of the new operating system is set for later in the year for those not ready to upgrade to a new device. However, it is also suggested by The Huffington Post to delay downloading the upgrade to avoid having sluggish issues with a current Apple device.

So get ready for the midnight lines as apple fans are sure to once again flock to their neighborhood tech departments awaiting the next generation of hidden gems from Apple Inc.

By Jireh Gibson


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