Assad Regime Must Remain in Power

Assad Regime

Today, Sept. 28, 2015, according to ABC News, Iran’s president insisted for the Syrian leader, Bashan Assad, to remain in power and to force change onto the regime. President Hassan Rouhani agrees that the Syrian government needs reform; however, his concern is that by removing the current government, it would allow the extremist groups along with the Islamic State, to immediately enter Damascus afterwards. In addition to other cities controlled by the government.

Hassan is interested in working alongside any country that places a priority on fighting terrorism; however, he refuses to work with a nation whose top goal is to topple the Assad regime. Iran’s president also emphasized that to be effective at winning the war on terror, the Damascus government cannot be compromised. The biggest challenge to those comments is the fact that they are contrary to the Syrian road-map to peace, which was adopted in 2012, by key nations in Geneva.

At that time, it was agreed that a provisional government would take over the Assad Regime, and subsequently elections would be held to decide the new government based on bilateral consent. Apparently, the consensus about Syria has changed, and it is no longer feasible to end the Assad Regime at this time. Rouhani admits there lacks an agreement on how to best proceed, however, a proposal to end the Syrian conflict, in which 250,000 lives have been claimed is still being considered.

By Jireh Gibson
Edited by Jeanette Smith


ABC News: Iran’s Leader Says Syria’s President Must Remain in Power
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