‘Big Brother’ Season 17 Finale [Spoiler Alert]

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Big Brother
CBS’ Big Brother, a modern reality-type game show program, aired its Season 17 finale on Sept. 23, 2015. The overall premise of the show is to pit 13 contestants in 13 different states against one another using their homes as the sets. With their homes entirely wired for sight and sound, the participants invite TV and internet audiences to view their every move. They host strangers in their homes, and the last guest at the end wins $500,000. Other things occur during the competition, but the prize is the goal.

Steve Moses, 22 years old from New York, was named the champion of season 17. There was a showdown between Moses and another finalist, Liz Nolan. They were subjected to jury questions about why each believed they deserved to win the Season 17 finale’s grand prize.

Variety reported, “Before entering the competition, Moses anticipated that he might have had a tough time getting along with his fellow cast members.” In fact, his cast biography posted on the CBS website was written using an interview process. When asked what he thought would be the most difficult part of participating on Big Brother, he responded, “The most difficult part would be dealing with stupid people who choose to completely disregard the consequences of their actions.”

The young man, who won the championship of Big Brother‘s 17th season, took home the $500,000 in the finale. Moses was asked about his motto. His response was a quote he found on Facebook, it begins, “Go ahead, take chances.”

By Cathy Milne
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