Chris Brown Fuming Over Karrueche Tran’s Flirtatious Instagram Pics

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Chris Brown is fuming over the supposed fact that Karrueche Tran is flirting with some of his closest industry friends, convinced that his ex-girlfriend is purely doing it to make him jealous and angry. The R&B singer, who is currently headlining his One Hell Of A Nite North American tour, was not too pleased when Karrueche began posting very revealing snaps of herself on Instagram, which ended up getting a lot of attention from Chris’ fellow pals.

Marques Houston, who many may remember from his hit, Clubbin, was one of the first people to share his feelings on the picture, writing a flirtatious comment before adding a couple of heart emojis to his message. While Brown does not necessarily blame Houston for being attracted to Tran, the 26-year-old is acknowledging it to be more of a spiteful thing that his ex is doing, hoping that she can rub him the wrong way for cheating on her.

Many may recall the story that broke earlier this year when TMZ confirmed reports claiming Brown had fathered a one-year-old baby girl named Royalty. The baby was conceived with the singer’s former pal, Nia Guzman, who he has been feuding with over concerns that the child support money he is paying for his little girl is actually being used for other expenses, which he most certainly does not condone.

Regardless of what the situation is with Brown and Guzman, the child was conceived during the time Tran was still with the singer, making it so much more painful for the 27-year-old. Whether she wants to flaunt her body on Instagram and capture the attention of other R&B singers, she can do that without having to put up with a jealous ex-boyfriend that still thinks he has a chance with her, sources explain.

“There’s an unwritten rule that Karrueche knows and it’s that you don’t mess around with your ex’s friends or associates when you’re broken up,” a source for HollywoodLife dished. Tran is puzzled as to why she is getting a hard time for moving on with her life when Brown has hooked up with numerous of women since the couple’s split earlier this year. She recently told the press that she is mature enough to move on with her life without the interference of her ex, and that’s exactly what she is doing.

Sources close to Brown have a completely different side to the story, stating that the singer made Tran who she is today. The source boasts on how the 26-year-old is responsible for the fact that his ex-girlfriend receives endless offers in Hollywood, including paid-to-party events, where the socialite can bank up to $10,000 for the evening alone. “He put her up on game, got her established, helped her build a name and brand for herself. She should be thankful and leave it at that.”

Tran has stressed in recent months that she has no interest in getting back with a cheating ex, adding that she wishes Brown nothing but the best and hopes that his daughter is taken care of by two loving parents. It does not seem as if Breezy will be letting go of Tran anytime soon.

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