Rihanna Wants a Child


Rihanna’s desire to be a mother has not been satisfied. According to Hollywood savvy and rumors, she is showing strong signs of interest in having a family. The singer wants a child of her own but would rather not have this natural curiosity interfere with her life and career at the moment.

The instinct to be a mother may escape some women, but not this pop singer, she just needs to find a “baby daddy” first. Rihanna wants a “full” family. When it comes to children, the fragrance girl who loves pink, hopes to be a mommy someday. “I look forward to the day when I’m gonna be a mom,” she told interviewers from Glamour who followed her to her Barbados home to do a photo shoot for the November issue. Rihanna may want a child in the future but celebrating 10 years as a celebrity takes priority now.

A superstar as young as the perfume enchantress has plenty of  time to think about raising a family.  The fact that many may want her to begin soon causes intrigue and fascination, but RiRi is strong of character with determination to bring about her dream as a mother in due time.

Lately, she has been quite impressed by Chris Brown’s love for his daughter Royalty; she thinks it is attractive and sexy for a man. Does seeing her ex-boyfriend Chris with a child push the 27-year-old to the brink of wanting her own daughter soon?

In March of 2013, the Barbadian queen had plans to have a child within the next five years. At the time, she had her heart set on Chris Brown. This revelation of the Diamond temptress’ personal plans came at a sultry Elle UK photoshoot that year. Sharing her personal life on Instagram with followers also helps to give a truer picture of the stunning young pop star, but her plans to begin a family in the near future are not showing up.  She wants to be more honest in sharing personal details of her strong personality; however motherhood is not at the top of her list.

Chris Brown may not be the boyfriend in her life these days, but according to an insider to Hollywood Life, RiRi has implied that she is happy she was not the girl who got pregnant by Brown. She still thinks he has the potential to be a remarkable father but Brown “needs to grow up.” According to this informer, RiRi loves kids, but, this is not the time to have one of her own; her moments alone are precious to her as they are to anyone. She still enjoys staying home watching TV and eating pizza. Do not give up on her, she is still a gorgeous young lady who enjoys the single life.

In 2013, Ellen DeGeneres asked Rihanna the telling question concerning her wanting a child. “Absolutely” was the answer that came out of her mouth as naturally as any woman whose plans are to have children someday. In the world of this stunning singer idol, the moment for retreating to a “mommy” role is still in the offing.  As time continues to pass, the singer, who is now 27 and on her 10th anniversary of her stardom career, has a maternal instinct that remains unsettled. A full family unit has been her ideal for some time. Settling in with a partner to begin the plans of having an all-American home remains a fascinating personal item which fans may have to wait for.

By Jeanette O’Donnal


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