Class Ring Recovered After 18 Years

class ring
On Sept. 10, 2015, while surfing the waves at Banyans Beach in Kona, Hawaii, Max Germond and his friend discovered a class ring during a search for the fin that came off his friend’s surfboard. Germond, who is a six-year-old surfer enthusiast, was given the ring by his friend who was apparently more excited about locating his fin than he was about the insignificant shiny object. As it turns out, the reported owner, David Kidder, had lost the ring in the same surf in 1997, just one day after his high school senior prom. He was thrilled to learn that Germond’s parents took the time to help him recover his class ring after 18 years.

Kidder easily recalls the day he lost the ring, saying “I launched out into the water and it fell off my finger and I’ve never seen it since. It was a good surf day, had some good waves…Banyans is all reef, so once I lost it, it was gone…and I never really thought about it after that,” according to West Hawaii Today. Kidder said he was particularly upset about losing the ring because he spent his senior year working part-time as a bag boy at the South Korea grocery store to earn the $360 to $500 to buy the ring he had only worn for two weeks.

According to ABC News, the mother of Germond, Michelle, said, “There was some corrosion on it, but you could see the school name” and the name David Kidder still inscribed inside the ring. “We went on the high school’s group page and found David through there,” Kidder admits to not believing what he heard when he first got the message about something belonging to him was found at Banyans Beach. That is because Kidder said he had not been to the beach in at least two years. Then, he remembered thinking, no way, that has got to be my class ring. His excitement began to build after the meeting was set for him to recover the class ring he thought he had lost forever 18 years ago.

The three met over the weekend at Banyans Beach, Kidder says it is hard to believe it was still in the same spot looking as though it had not even been touched. Max’s father, Phillip Bolek, said that while they were there, “You couldn’t take that smile off his face. He put it on and kept looking at it, so that was great to see the smile on his face.” Surprisingly, after all this time, the ring is in great shape. Kidder said, “It still had a nice gold shine to it, there was no real scarring on it, it wasn’t broken” according to Hawaii News Now.

He plans to take the class ring to a local jeweler, have it cleaned, and put it in a case for safe keeping so he will never lose it again. As a token of his appreciation, Kidder gave Max a $20 reward, saying he was sure they are not expecting anything. However, what six-year-old kid does not want an extra $20 dollars in his pocket? Bolek added, while reflecting the good deed done by him and his family, it was meant for the class ring to be recovered and returned to its rightful owner since it was in the same spot after 18 years, to which Kidder whole-heartedly agreed.

By Jireh Gibson
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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