Earthquakes Rock Areas in France, Russia and Japan

Earthquakes Rock Areas in France, Russia and JapanThere has been a shifting of tectonic plates across the globe today, triggering earthquakes that rocked areas in France, Russia and Japan. At 13:16 UTC Russia had a magnitude 5.9 earthquake rumble all the way to Tokyo, Japan, which is 1996km (1240 miles) away. The depth of the quake was 47 meters. The area of the earthquake occurred in an area that is predominantly prone to earthquakes so the cities have earthquake resistant construction. There have been no reports of fatalities or damage. However, less than 45 minutes later a magnitude 4.9 earthquake hit in the same area with a depth of up to 60 meters. That earthquake took place in the water so there were no injuries or damage to report even though it went through 67  phases.

At 15:05 UTC a magnitude 5.3 earthquake hit 86km NE of Amsterdam Island in France. The quake shook the waters as far as 2756km (1712 miles) Port Louis, Mauritius. This quake happened very near to the Nieuw Amsterdam Fracture Zone.

Atka, Alaska has been experiencing several earthquakes since 6:10 GMT. This series of quakes ranged in magnitude from 3.8 up to 5.6. There have been 26 earthquakes in Atka since 6:10 a.m. All of these earthquakes happened in the ocean so there were no injuries or damages reported. It should be noted that there is a lunar eclipse coming and the phases of the moon affect earthquakes.

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  1. bumblebee   September 7, 2015 at 10:49 pm

    amsterdam in france? since when …. nieuw amsterdam is a cruise ship lol


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