Elizabeth II Saved From Terrorist Attack Now Cameron Is Under Scrutiny

Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II

Undeniably, British monarchs stand to be targeted to public terrorist attacks as do all public figures. Queen Elizabeth II is no exception. She was direct target recently, according to Canada’s flagship newspaper National Post. On Tuesday, September 8, it was reported that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was targeted to secret Syrian militant terrorists. Prime minister David Cameron immediately ordered an attack on legal grounds of “self-defense” as an effort to save Britain from serious terrorist disturbances. The killings of three British soldiers, by unmanned drones sent out by the RAF, were an action to protect not only the 98-year old monarch but all citizens of Britain. Now Cameron is under scrutiny.

Officials Balk and Praise: A Controversy to Settle

As reported by Fox News, Prime Minister David Cameron said that terrorist threats are, “more acute today than ever before.” Official evidence of Islamic plans to hit on Britain with terrorist attacks were significant enough of a threat to the British Isles that military drones were deployed. With this legally advised decision, Cameron stood in the defense of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. He is now under scrutiny due to his administrative orders which took down Britons fighting in Syria.

Many officials have serious concerns. They want to know if Cameron’s orders to send out drones were in adherence to laws. The fact stands that Britain is not officially in war with Syria. According to a media source, Cameron, now under public scrutiny, had clear evidence from British intelligent agencies that militant soldiers planned a public attack at commemorative events in the UK. It is clear that Queen Elizabeth II was saved from being the target of terrorist operations. Such attacks are the cause for reprisal, was reported.

Elizabeth II

She is Graceful with Extreme Sense of Public Service

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is revered worldwide. As of Wednesday, September 9, she became known as the first monarch in the royal history of Britain to rule for over 63 years. She has ruled England as the long-life monarch since she was 18. Her father, king George VI, died in the early hours of Feb. 6, 1952; however, the time of his death is not on official records, making uncertain the exact moment when Elizabeth became the official queen. At 98 she has become the longest reigning sovereign of her country.

The BBC reported that Queen Elizabeth II, has a personal aversion to public speaking, but while speaking in the Scottish borders last Wednesday, the world-renown sovereign, wearing her summery turquoise outfit and carrying her trusty little black handbag, divulged a very personal feeling about her celebrated reign,  “not one to which I have ever aspired.” Continuing with her remarks, “Inevitably a long life can pass by many milestones – my own is no exception,” she said. As stated, she had no intentions of outliving her former kin.

Elizabeth II

The queen of the Britons has many similar significant links to her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. While out riding near Buckingham Palace, both queens were targeted and shot at by aggressive lone gunmen. Both Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria have been escorted in the same carriage to the annual State Opening of Parliament. In spite of the fact that Elizabeth II became queen at 18, she is head of Britain as the longest monarch on the throne. Queen Victoria, however, was also 18 when she took reign and  stamped an era with her name. Elizabeth II heads over a state of 138 million people; Queen Victoria ruled an empire of 400 million people.

As a monarch with an extreme sense of public service, Elizabeth II continues to be the head of Britain as one of the most graceful and beloved monarchs of her nation. It is a well-known fact that militant behaviors always pose a great danger to public figures in positions of power and importance. Cameron, who is now under public scrutiny, commanded an order as his call of duty. Your Majesty the Queen is not exempt from the dangers of terrorism.  Britain and the long-lived monarch Queen Elizabeth II were recently averted from possible terrorist attack by the valiant actions on the part of her prime minister, David Cameron. Due to the scrutiny of many public officials, he now stands in defense of his actions.

By Jeanette O’Donnal

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