Google Fighting Diabetes Through the Lens


Google, the world’s best search engine, has heavily invested in an  innovative prototype lens with the primary aim of fighting diabetes.  The lens, which was launched three years back, is still undergoing modifications and is hoped to be an innovative way to control and manage the disease.  Researchers believe that this invention and many others being developed, are commendable measures that will defy traditional disease control and management.  The video below, best explains how the contact lens is to be used.

Google Life Sciences department, which is a part of Google X-Labs, collaborated with a Swiss drug manufacturer, Novartis AG, in designing the contact lens.  The smart contact lens contains a low power microchip and an almost invisible thin electronic circuit.  Its main intended purpose is to measure the patient’s glucose levels directly from the tear fluid on the surface of the eyeball and sends data to the diabetic’s mobile phone.  This is an extraordinary diversion from the age-old method of pricking the patient’s thumb more than four times a day to monitor their sugar levels.  Fighting diabetes through the lens is cutting edge technology that should lift the spirits of all diabetics.

Google’s intervention was prompted by an ever-increasing number of people dying from this pandemic.  According to the International Diabetes Federation, the dreaded disease will affect a staggering 592 million people by 2035, with a large number coming from developing countries where access to affordable medical cover remains a challenge.  Andy Conrad,  Life Sciences CEO, whose vast experience in molecular biology and nanotechnology, says that the world’s information entity,is a global leader that will continue embracing  integrated solutions for people afflicted with diabetes.  He believes that such new technological advances will, “promise more proactive and effective ways to control diabetes.”   Some medical experts have added their voices to the cause by suggesting that diabetes is largely an, “information problem,” and efforts by the multinational technology company to, “collect, analyze and understand information on diabetes is invaluable.”  Seeing this diabetes fight through the contact lens is a fresh impetus to the fight against the disease.

However, despite Google’s imperious financial muscle, the corporation cannot do it all alone.  To this end, Google has teamed up with a number of pharmaceutical and research institutes to fight diabetes and other diseases. Google co-founder, Sergey Brin says that, “The Company has invested more than $300 million dollars to show its relentless effort to develop technologies that will make healthcare more pro-active.”

Meanwhile, the Corporation  has joined hands with Sanofi, an insulin inhaler manufacturer, headquartered in Paris, France.  Reports also suggest that Johnson & Johnson will weigh in with assistance on surgical robots.  However it is Google’s partnership with Novartis AG that will fight diabetes through the lens and make the world see the importance of technology in the health sector.  Watch the video below and see how the contact lens is expected to perform.

By Shepherd Mutsvara


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