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Reading Aloud

Reading aloud creates an opportunity for the author to pick out words and phrases in their written copy that fail to convey their intended message. It also provides an opportunity to confirm the transition from one topic to another is smooth. This helps to keep the reader engaged and eliminates confusion. According to STANDOUTBOOKS, writing is actually a complicated process and there are no quick and easy steps to improving your work, however reading out loud can improve your writing. By reading out loud the author is able to find and fix errors that are sometimes not easy to spot while writing. For me, when I read out loud it forces me to pay attention to every word while allowing my spoken words to confirm what I was thinking at the time the words were written.

Effective writing comes alive when reading aloud because it provides essential proof that the written copy reveals what the writer desires to be said. The spell checker may not uncover all grammatical errors, however by reading aloud, sentences that sound awkward or leads the reader away from the main point of the paragraph become apparent. According to the University of Minnesota, it is essential to allow proper time for editing and proofreading. Because regardless of the title or the time invested in researching the topic, the result is a paper that is underdeveloped, unclear and not easy to correct in the later stages of the process.

A few of the suggested steps to improve your written copy start with allowing yourself plenty of time for the entire writing process, that also includes editing. The University of Minnesota also recommends to:

  • Become familiar with your resources

    • It is not necessary to memorize every detail of the grammar rules. Simply keep style guides and resources on proper citation near by.
  • Be aware of your weaknesses

    • Make a list of errors you tend to make often; this gives you a cheat sheet to refer to during the editing process for specifics to watch for.
  • Read your copy out loud

    • This helps to force yourself to pay attention to the small details, such as odd phrases, run-on sentences, and sentence structure.
  • Get feedback from others

    • Keeping in mind that spell check does not catch everything, having someone to read it for you also, will help.

I find that when I read aloud, it helps me to see what I have written from the perspective of the potential reader. My personality is one in which I am careful about how I articulate and take the necessary time to find the right words for a particular situation. Reading aloud gives me time to slow down and assure what I want to say is clear and not leaving the reader with many questions.

One of the benefits of reading aloud, in addition to it being a critical element of the writing process, is that it allows the writer to make certain the tone is correct. According to STANDOUT books,  rhythm and pace are also important pieces of writing, therefore, reading out loud assures the words work well together to create a vivid image. Also reading out loud will uncover unnecessary word choices, leading to copy that is concise.

It also helps me to step away, focus on something else for a while and then reread my copy a few more times before final submission.Whenever I have used this concept of reading aloud, I have discovered sentences that could either be written better or eliminated altogether. Until recently I was not aware of why reading aloud is such a useful part of the editing process, even though I have consistently used the technique. Therefore, I highly recommend it to help improve your writing.

Opinion by Jireh Gibson


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