iOS9 Starts With a Big Bang

The long-awaited day arrived and Apple users were excited, as well as ready to download and install the feature-packed new iOS9, as early as Sept. 16, 2015. The new operating system is currently available to download on all Apple devices, beginning with the iPhone4s. Furthermore, the new iOS comes with many new and invigorating features to enjoy. As is customary with a new product launch by Apple, CEO Tim Cook made several bold statements about the iOS9 capabilities. From all indicators, the tech giant has under promised and over delivered on this product. Apple’s iOS9 starts with a big bang and the votes are in to confirm it. For example, the Apple iPad2 enables users to engage in productive office work, including the ability to multitask. Additionally, the upgraded software improves battery life and the inherent apps are better than ever, according to CNET.

New and Improved iOS9 Features Include:

  • A New Source for News
    • This puts all the major news sources in one place including Bloomberg, Fox, GQ, and Business Today. The user can easily swipe between stories, save articles to read later, and quickly share breaking news or other eye-catching stories with contacts.
  • Apple Maps Are New and Have a Different Look as Well
    • Since its debut, the essential tool for those who always find themselves on a new adventure has come a long way. The iOS9 version of Apple Maps includes details about public transportation to easily factor in the most preferred route.
  • Take a Note to Increase Productivity
    • The much-improved Notes app provides better options for staying organized. It includes iCloud support, in addition to creating folders with ease. With this app, checklists can be created on the fly, images are easily included, and it is a lot simpler to share notes with others.
  • Siri Is Smarter and Search Is Better
    • The famed digital assistant has come a long way, the search option is also more precise, and easier to use. Further indicating that the hot and new iOS9 started with a big bang and there are plenty of new as well as current Apple fans to agree.

Regardless of the excitement surrounding the upgrade, a change has to be made and considering the transition is not always easy, the new iOS9 helps to ease the discomfort by delivering big on functionality and improving the user experience. In fact, according to Fortune, Apple still has the most user-friendly operating system available. Some are calling it the most instantly gratifying update in the past few years. The new iOS9 is stable and polished. Moreover, it delivers on innovation, design, and performance, which are the essential key elements that have become synonymous with Apple products.

The introduction of the iOS7 produced a cleaner and more flexible solution. Because of its revolutionary redesign, the iOS8 increased and enhanced the user experience. Meanwhile, the role of the iOS9 is a pass-through point for what is to come next, according to iMore. Apple does it again by delivering on their promise to be better, as the iOS9 starts with a big bang and effectively backs up those bold claims with several valid endorsements.

By Jireh Gibson
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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Top Article and Featured Image Courtesy of Jireh Gibson’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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