Amber Heard Hates Vanessa Paradis, Forces Johnny Depp to Sell Family Yacht

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It seems as if Amber Heard really has it in for Vanessa Paradis, especially with the recent announcement that Johnny Depp has decided to sell the yacht he famously named after his ex-girlfriend. Depp famously called the yacht ‘Vajoliroja,’ an anagram from the first two letters of each family member’s name, which includes Lily-Rose, Jack, Depp, and Paradis.

UsWeekly alleges that the yacht has been bothering Heard for some time, simply because it holds an attachment from Heard, and by the look of things, it made her so uncomfortable that she ended up forcing her husband to sell it. The yacht played a significant part in the family’s life, hence why it was named after all of them — but it seems as if Heard has other plans in mind.

“Johnny loved that yacht. But he bought it for Vanessa. And Amber is still jealous of her,” a source told the outlet. Back in 2014, insiders stressed that Paradis did not like Heard one bit; she already got the impression that the actress was nothing more than a brief fling to the 52-year-old. Despite the fact that the couple is now married, Paradis has not found it in her to even approach the 29-year-old, convinced that she is the mastermind behind her relationship falling apart.

Judging from what sources have alleged, it is clear to see that whatever Heard wants, she gets. If she does not want her husband to keep the family yacht, she quite frankly seems to carry the power in the relationship that allows her to make crucial decisions as such.

This report comes just weeks after it was claimed that Paradis had kept quite a distance from Depp in recent months, subsequently keeping him out of important matters regarding his daughter Lily-Rose. The 16-year-old was recently signed on to star in a huge modeling campaign for Chanel, but Depp was said to have known nothing about it since the 16-year-old’s mother has been so deeply affected by her ex’s actions lately.

It is so confusing to think that Heard could quite possibly be the problem to everything that seems to have destroyed this family. Depp has allegedly been shut out of his daughter’s life enough for him to not even know about her aspiring modeling career, while Heard is busy getting rid of anything that she remotely feels Paradis’ presence in.

It is fair to say that, with so many troubles already affecting Depp and his family because of his current wife, considering the supposed fact that his children have grown more to their mother than with him, he could be in trouble. If his children are not warming up to the proclaimed evil step-mother, the media has portrayed her to be, this could mean that a future relationship between the actor and his two kids is very unlikely.

Did Heard even wonder about the children’s feelings when she selfishly demanded her husband to sell the yacht? One can only imagine what kind of amazing memories they must have shared during summer vacations on the Vajoliroja.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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