Lunar Eclipse Supermoon Graces September Night Skies

Lunar Eclipse

The Supermoon, in an unusual combination of its perigee with a full moon, will cause a lunar eclipse which will be gracing our September night skies on the 27th, with the biggest and brightest moon we have seen in more than three decades. This year the night enchantress will appear to night gazers as up to 30 percent brighter causing this extraordinary event as to demand admiration. However, some faithful Christians are shaking in their boots with fear of a prophesied biblical holocaust.

This supermoon lunar eclipse bejeweling our September night skies is an unusual and special event. The lunar eclipse we will witness is our harvest moon this year since it is occurring nearest to the autumn equinox. The night enchantress will be closest to the earth causing us to see a 13 percent bigger brighter adornment in the night skies. A full moon eclipsed by the earth at the time when it is closest (or near closest) to the earth due to its elliptical orbit, is considered unique by many sky observers of today simply because it has occurred only five times since the 1900’s. It is the first supermoon full lunar eclipse since 1982 and we will not see another one until 2033.

Many of our largest publications like The Huffington Post, CBS News, Washington Post, and other popular global sources have already publicized these general facts about the supermoon lunar eclipse coming into view on September of this year. The Northern and Southern Continents will view this event late in the evening, and in Europe, western Asia,  eastern Pacific Ocean, and in Africa, it will be viewed in the early morning hours of Sept. 28. Nevertheless, astrologers, sky gazers, nature lovers, and the curious who fix their eyes into the skies will marvel at this extraordinary occurrence, a conjunction of three bodies in alignment– the earth between the moon and the sun.

On Sept. 13, the skies will also unfold a partial solar eclipse which most of the world will miss, as it will be only visible by those who live at tip of South Africa.  The skies of Antarctica, the Atlantic, and Indian Ocean, with few sky gazers, will have a nearly solitary view of this event. On a solar eclipse the conjunction displays a different combination — the moon between the earth and the sun.

Supermoon lunar eclipses are educational events. Preparing before these astronomical unique occurrences will make it a more enjoyable experience. For instance: children can look through a microscope once it is properly set-up viewing toward the exact location of the moon; finding a comfortable place to sit in order to observe the full event which can often last about three hours and 30 minutes; going to an astronomical observatory, if this is a possibility. Preparing and educating oneself about lunar and solar eclipses brings a valuable enlightening memory, otherwise it is just another event.

Lunar Eclipse

It is extremely unusual for a supermoon and a full total lunar eclipse to happen at the same time. Consequently, this reddish appearance of our soon to occur supermoon full lunar eclipse is making some people get jittery about the end of the world, according to CNN. The end of the world? Well, it appears that internet postings show that a certain amount of people are getting frightened. Biblical interpretations by a handful of Christian ministers who have publicized their predictions, say the possible close second coming of Christ is near. To end-of-time believers the name “blood moon” mixed with media stimulation and internet postings has produced an atypical amount of fear.

Watch the night skies of September 27. They will demonstrate an unusual occurrence at around 10 that evening: an elegant reddish supermoon, called a blood moon, exhibiting a spectacular total lunar eclipse of our autumn harvest moon.

By Jeanette O’Donnal


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Feature Photo: Marlene Perdomo: Lunar Eclipse. Flickr: All Creative Commons

Photo: Guillaume Gautreau: Eclipse de Lune June 14, 2011. Flickr: All Creative Commons

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  1. Denise (Julian) Greene   September 9, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    I remember the Blood Moon in 1996 on September 27th which was the Eve of Sukkot. I was an Evangelical Christian at the time, and the night had everyone stirred up about the same thing — was it a portent of the end of the world? Interesting that other Blood Moon events have also aligned with Syrian politics, and this one will come as the world is devastatingly aware of the Syrian diaspora. Fascinating article!


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