Mecca Crane Accident of 9/11 Linked to Bin Laden [Video]

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The crane that toppled through the roof of the Grand Mosque in the largest Muslim city in the world is tied to the Bin Laden syndicate. On Thursday morning, Sept. 12, 2015, media sources reported that the Mecca crane accident of 9/11 was linked to Bin Laden. During a violent rain storm, the mosque’s construction project was stopped after one of the cranes crashed through the roof injuring at least 238 people and killing 107. This disaster stained the polished floors of the mosque with the blood of Muslim worshipers in evening prayer.

The crane causing the accident in Mecca on 9/11 is owned by a German company connected to the Saudi Bin Laden Group, one of the most famous conglomerates in the world. This multinational firm was started by Osama’s billionaire father, Mohammad.  The German company connected to the crane accident in Mecca yesterday is operated by the Bin Laden consortium. As one of the most prominent companies, it is one of the major contractors for the biggest construction projects in the Sunni kingdom. According to BBC reporters, the head of Saudi Arabia’s civil defense agency, Lt Sulayman Bin-Abdullah al-Amr, said an investigation is being carried out to assess damages and the possible failure, by the company, to adherence to construction safety laws. It is reported by Info Wars, that authorities have little doubt that extreme weather was to blame. Lt Bin-Abdullah al-Amr continued with his remarks, “Saudi Arabia has to re-think its health and safety,” he said, “as there were 800,000 people in the mosque area at the time of the accident.”

Violent rain storm and strong winds brought down the crane as Muslims were in observance of prayer at 17:23 local time (14:23 GMT), reported sources. The huge crane collapse after being struck by a lightning bolt and fell into the east side of the mosque falling onto the worshipers. UK media reports indicate that the accident victims were taken to area hospitals for sustained injuries. Blood and panic were at the scene of the accident, as official reports indicate and people were struck with concrete debris as the tragedy unfolded.

Thousands of Muslim people from around the world are arriving in Mecca to worship together at their great Hajj annual pilgrimage taking place in a few weeks. According to BBC reports, Britain and many Britons around the world are concerned, British Muslims are already in Mecca for the event. The Muslim Hajj draws up to two million people from all over the world to their Grand Mosque in Mecca. Now, after the crane accident, the mosque looks like a salvage yard, as reported by media. Reconstruction was part of a project to make the mosque safer for the Muslim pilgrimage in the coming weeks. Saudi authorities began major expansion project on the mosque last year to expand the capacity of the building in order to accommodate 2.2 million people at once. Expansion plans include enlarging the mosque to 4.3 million square feet. The Mecca Grand Mosque origins go back more than 1,400 years. Modernization has been going on at the mosque since the middle of the twentieth century.

On 9/11 a double rainbow appeared in New York by the twin towers. On September 9 violent rain storm brings tragedy to the Muslims. The resemblance to our own 9/11 tragedy in the U.S., is apparent, as indicated by past media reports. Both nations have suffered grief on a date that will never be forgotten as a great loss was sustained by many innocent people. The link of this tragedy to the Bin Laden family is of enough significance to cause much of the world to question.  Please see the video below.

By Jeanette O’Donnal


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