Nicki Minaj Disses Serena Williams Over Drake Romance?

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Nicki Minaj has made it known that she is happy for her musical peer Drake who is said to be dating tennis champ, Serena Williams. But despite having claimed that the rapper is nothing more than a brother to her, sources say that Minaj is aware of the supposed fact that Drake secretly wants her over Williams.

The 32-year-old Feeling Myself songstress is said to have kept a distance from Drizzy ever since her own boyfriend Meek Mill was shamed in a hurtful diss track by the Canadian-native over the summer. Nonetheless, when she heard about Drake’s romance to Williams, Minaj supposedly compared herself to the athlete, saying that the 28-year-old had to settle with another woman that looked like her because she was never going to date him.

“Serena should know that the only reason Drake’s with her is because he can’t have Nicki. Nicki’s just calling it like it is. Drake likes strong, powerful and intelligent women, who are thick with a big bubble butt,” the source explained. Minaj considers herself to be a strong, independent woman — with a big behind, of course.

The insider concluded by saying, “No shade to Drake and his new girl though. Nicki just wants him to know she can’t be replaced.” The Cash Money artist is laughing at the idea that somebody she considered to be a brother to her had to go out and find a woman that could somewhat fill the shoes of Ms. Minaj, which almost makes it sound like a crazy obsession. Or, Drake just has a certain type that he is drawn to.

Fans who are familiar with Drake and Minaj’s music will know that the two have often joked they would get married in songs, such as Moment For Life. And while the 32-year-old Trinidadian makes somewhat of a point by stating that her YMCMB label mate is attracted to ambitious and strong women with a big behind, that should not necessarily mean that the rapper solely wants Minaj, unless she is claiming to be the only strong-minded woman in the world with a big booty.

Perhaps Drake is simply drawn to a particular type of women, which evidently does not mean he is referring to Minaj herself, knowing that she is still tied up in a relationship of her own. Having won endless championships, being named as one of the highest-earning female tennis players, and being incredibly athletic, Williams fits all the categories Drake finds attractive.

Minaj subliminally dissing the tennis player comes just weeks after the 32-year-old confronted Miley Cyrus at the Video Music Awards, in which she used her acceptance speech for ‘Best Hip Hop Video’ to slander the 22-year-old. Cyrus had supposedly name-dropped Minaj in an interview earlier that week, saying that the rapper’s former feud with Taylor Swift was nonsense, adding that the Anaconda artist had made the whole feud about herself by pulling the race card for no reason.

It seems as if the rapper has made quite a lot of enemies as of late, and to start a war with Williams by saying that the athlete could never be Drake’s first option is quite rude in itself. Maybe Drake will now pen a diss track at Minaj seeing that her wording of the things that have been said about Williams has been far from respectful.

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