Beyonce, Jay-Z Alleged Divorce: Marriage Strictly Business, Insider Claims



Beyonce’s marriage to Jay-Z is strictly business, insiders for multiple news outlets have explained. According to reports, the Hollywood duo, who have been slammed with divorce rumours ever since the infamous Solange elevator video emerged, are now making headlines again as a source claims Bey is convinced her husband has not been faithful to her over the years.

The 34-year-old began dating the famous rapper back in 2002 before they would go on to marry six years later. Since then, multiple women have come forward, infamously claiming that the ageing music mogul had fathered their children. Wanda Satterthwaite made claims earlier this year, alleging that her 21-year-old son Rymir was Jay-Z’s child, leading her to file a lawsuit against the Hollywood record exec to pay up for all the child support payments he had missed.

According to news outlets at the time, the matter went on to be handled in court with Jay-Z’s team, who came to a settlement with the Satterthwaite family, which heavily insinuates that the rapper has acknowledged the boy to be his biological child. It was quite obvious having just looked at the uncanny resemblance that the two share between one another. The court settlement was handled privately since Jay knew there was a huge chance he could have fathered the boy, especially with Satterthwaite’s claims that she had an ongoing fling with Hova in 1993.

Regardless of whether the 21-year-old was his son or not, Beyonce has not been happy with the fact that she has had to put up with so many secrets she never knew about her own husband. According to sources, Beyonce has learned that her husband allegedly has two children from relationships before she got with the Roc Nation executive — no love child was ever mentioned to the singer throughout the couple’s relationship, it has been claimed. Furthermore, the mother-of-one had to put up with allegations which insinuated that Jay-Z had a string of affairs during his Magna Carta Holy Grail world tour, causing Bey to cancel her entire work schedule and follow her man for the remaining shows to keep an eye on him and the women around him.

beyonceNow that reports are once again claiming that the couple could quite possibly call it quits for real this time, close insiders are further adding that the duo’s relationship is simply business. Both of them are aware of the fact that announcing their alleged separation could drastically hurt their brands, especially Jay-Z, who continues to struggle with his music streaming service TIDAL.

It was initially said that Bey was planning to release her forthcoming studio album on the platform, hoping that they can make a turnaround on the disastrous start to the service that has been nothing more than a failure since its launch. Should it be the case that Bey and Jay really want to go their separate ways, the Hard Knock Life rapper’s business could slump due to the fact that his wife has been one of his key strategies to his success.

Fans have already stressed on Twitter that if Beyonce was to leave Jay-Z, the TIDAL streaming service would collapse, knowing that only a Beyonce album could somewhat make people care to purchase a membership under the music platform. The couple has yet to respond to the new divorce and cheating claims.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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