Vagina High With Cannabis Lube


Cannabis has a multitude of health uses and it seems the possibilities are endless. Marijuana can be used to help someone relax, but weed lube will make a woman’s vagina relax. This personal lubricant can help with painful sex, insensitivity, tightness, and any underwhelming experiences. And it all began with a dare.

Corinne is an edible marijuana cook and writer. She uses her own home-grown organic marijuana in the legalized state of Colorado. She has written the Cannabis Cookbook, Cannabliss Yoga, and the Wake and Bake Cookbook. Her first cookbook contained her telephone number. As a result, Corinne had a customer call her and literally dare her to try her cannabis infused coconut oil in her vagina. Corinne took the dare and 20 minutes later she said she experienced an amazing feeling.

It did not stop there. She felt that she could do better and began experimenting. Corinne wanted to make a lube that could also be edible, longer-lasting, and slicker. Then she added aromatherapy later, resulting in her Love Butter. Love Butter can be used as a massage oil and a pain-relieving salve, according to Corinne.

Warning: the first time Corinne tried her Love Butter she conceived a child. Corinne is not claiming the use of this product will help women who are struggling to have a baby. However, what it does is relax the vagina, which can help ease pain, relieve stress, and for some women it can help them to reach orgasm who have not been able to do so before, according to letters she has received from happy customers.

Corinne’s Love Butter is made with the following ingredients combined in a crockpot: (you can make a smaller batch)
• 2 Cups unrefined shea or cocoa butter (cocoa butter tastes better, but they are both edible).
• ½ Cup cannabis infused coconut oil
• ½ Cup sunflower or grapeseed oil

Keep the crockpot on low or warm for one to two hours and stir every so often. Then pour the oil into a large mixing bowl. If the desire is to try more than one essential oil, pour into smaller mixing bowls. Add a few drops of an edible essential oil per cup, such as jasmine, sweet orange, or ylang-ylang.

Once the Love Butter starts to solidify, whip the cannabis lube until it is smooth. Then put the freshly made cannabis lube into shallow wide-mouth jars and store in the refrigerator.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use this Love Butter with condoms because the oil will degrade the latex and could cause the condom to break.

Corinne says that it can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes before a woman can really start to feel the cannabis lube working. She recommends that women apply it themselves ahead of time and wait for it to take effect. The lubricant can be sprayed into the vagina or spooned in, but either way, it should be applied generously and rubbed into the vagina well. The vagina will absorb the lubricant. One could even have their lover use the lube as a massage oil while waiting for the woman’s vagina to feel the effects of the Love Butter.

The Love Butter can also be used to relieve pain. According to Corinne, using cannabis in a topical treatment can be a great way to relieve pain without feeling any of the psychoactive effects. Additionally, if cannabis is used only on the skin it will not show up on a drug test unless you have applied it to any open wounds.

Corinne uses topical treatments on her lower back and shoulders so she can be free of pain while staying clear-headed throughout the day. According to what is typically prescribed, just massage the cannabis lube on the areas of localized pain until the pain is relieved. Apply as needed.

By Jeanette Smith


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