‘Heroes Reborn: Game Over’ (Review/Recap) [Video]

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn has been slow to satisfy fans this season, but Game Over definitely gave the fans the elements for which they have been waiting. Finally, some questions were answered, character motivations were revealed, stakes were high, and the action scenes (even the horrible video game sequences) were entertaining. Ironically, the brief return of a one of the original series’ favorite character towards the end of Game Over jolted Heroes Reborn into a positive and more focused direction.

Starting off with the most anticipated return of the series, Hiro Nakamora (Masi Oka) made his debut towards the end of Game Over. Sadly, his rescue did not come without some casualties. For the “master of time and space” to be freed from the Evernow game in which he was imprisoned, Katana Girl Miko had to sacrifice herself to rescue the original hero. For two episodes now, the build up of Hiro’s return has been the focal point of many character’s plots and, yes, his triumphant return was that epic. Now freed, Hiro took Noah back in time to the infamous date of June 13th to finally give him (and viewers) answers as to what really happened at the Odessa summit.

Heroes RebornIt seems that Hiro was trapped in the video game world, Evernow, while Erica Kravid and her band of Renautas mad scientists digitized and used his power of time travel to transport items and people into a post-apocalyptic future. Now viewers know where Kravid has been shipping those crates of plant samples and why she has been exploiting evo’s abilities. The only plot hole that was not cleared up was the backstory of Miko, including answers to how she escaped the game when Hiro was locked up, how the sword came into her father’s possession, and how it gave her the ability to travel from the digital world into the Heroes Reborn universe.

Heroes RebornAs some of the Heroes Reborn characters made a steady progression toward taking down the evil company, Renautas, others were still finding their way. Bringing attention to the mother nature of evo’s, Malina’s travels on the back of a truck brought her in contact with a suicidal Luke (Zachary Levi). Luke had just burned down his house, sold his practice, and invested all his money into a boat off which he planned to jump with a bag full of bricks, and subsequently drown. Seeing this, Malina quickly used her Captain Planet powers to manipulate the water and pull Luke from the bottom of the ocean.

Considering that Malina’s last protector was gunned down by Harris, she quickly bonded with Luke. Showing him a picture of Tommy (Robbie Kay), Luke mentioned that he knew exactly where he was and the two drove off together to go find him. Hopefully, their travels will not prove to be futile, because Tommy is halfway across the globe with his love interest, Emily.

The two decided to take an impromptu trip to the City of Romance, and Emily helped Tommy cope with his new identity as both an evo that is fated to save the world, and as an adopted child. The plot line was a little dull and predictable for the two, but it did help reintroduce Isaac Mendez’s 9th Wonder comics into the Heroes Reborn universe, and gave a slight glimpse of a possible meet-up between Erica Kravid and Tommy (the two figures were on the cover of the comic book).

One theory could be that Tommy has a similar power to Hiro Nakamura’s in that he can teleport to anywhere he imagines, regardless of time and location. So Tommy could teleport to the fated post-apocalyptic future that Erica Kravid is preparing for a select few of humanity. This could also explain why Malina is searching for him. With Malina’s ability to manipulate the elements, she could use her powers to recreate vegetation across the desolate lands of the future.

Meanwhile, Carlos (Ryan Guzman) continued his search for his missing father and nephew, bringing along the evo cop that kidnapped the two in a previous episode. The plan was not foolproof to begin with, but the cop shed some light on his recent motivations. It seems that he is getting paid to deliver evos to some secret location. His sole motivation was basically money; nothing more interesting than just plain old greed.

The twist in breaking into the compound that was holding the captured evos was that only an evo could enter to make a delivery. On their way to the evo holding place, the officer gave Carlos some serum to give his bio-readings a false positive. To no surprise, the serum ended up making Carlos sick. Whether the cop just tricked Carlos or this serum could actually activate some latent ability in the character is the Heroes Reborn cliffhanger for this character’s upcoming arc.

Heroes RebornWhat Game Over brought to Heroes Reborn was the emotion, action, and plot progression that the series had been, for the most part, lacking. Viewers could really feel the emotion coming from Taylor (Erica’s daughter) as she came to the realization that her boyfriend/baby’s father was dead, which was a turning point for the character, who finally made the right decision to out her mother’s diabolical plans to the world. Heroes Reborn viewers really felt for these new characters and started to actually care what was going on. Now that these new characters have finally won fans over, it was time to clear up what happened to the original Heroes Reborn cast during the fateful June 13th in Odessa, Texas.

Opinion by Tyler Cole


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