Jared Fogle Secret Conversations Exposed on ‘Dr. Phil’ [Video]

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FogleDisgraced Subway spokesman, Jared Fogle, was secretly recorded boasting of his attraction to and relations with children. The confessed child molester is facing up to 12.5 years in jail for his “impassioned” crime when he is sentenced this coming November.  former journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond has been credited with removing Fogle from the streets and protecting future targets from his sick, perverted behavior. She will appear on the Dr. Phil Show as the secret conversations are revealed publicly for the first time.

Herman-Walrond and Fogle met in 2006 when the 38-year-old appeared on her radio show as a guest. In order to bring the culprit down, the journalist, who worked with the FBI for years to bring Fogle to justice, said she had to take on an “imaginary persona” and, in essence, become two separate people before she could listen to the horror stories of abuse. In efforts to help unmask the pedophile, Herman-Walrond even performed what Fogle believed to be “phone sex” with the criminal. She will share the taped conversations which led to his arrest in an exclusive two-part interview with Dr. Phil on his show Thursday and Friday.

After losing 245 pounds on a diet of Subway sandwiches, Fogle became a household name. He reported having eaten a foot-long veggie sub for dinner and a six-inch turkey sub for lunch every day. In addition to the sandwiches, the former spokesman consumed a diet soda and baked chips. In 2000, after learning of his successful weight loss story, the famed food chain employed Fogle in commercials which produced positive sales results almost immediately.

The married father-of-two did not hold back during conversations with his supposed confidant and friend.Fogle  Herman-Walrond questioned Fogle about having inappropriate interactions with children and he described it as “amazing.” When asked the question of sexual preference for his young victims, the pedophile said, “Both!” He even went as far as asking disturbing questions about his confidant’s children and their friends.  A great deal of these private conversations will be exposed on the Dr. Phil Show in an exclusive interview.

After years of conversations with Herman-Walrond, the sex offender’s home was raided on June 7, 2015, for nearly 11 hours. The arrest and investigation horrified his family and friends. Neighbors, who viewed him as a model citizen, spoke of the disgust and shame he brought on the community. In July of the same year, Subway severed all ties with him and after his guilty plea in August, his wife of five years filed for divorce.

Who knows how many future targets were saved because of this journalist’s efforts to bring the 38-year-old down. Herman-Walrond admitted to forcing herself to befriend and listen to the pervert and his antics. The conversations, which were secretly recorded, reveal how excited Fogle became just talking about sexual encounters with children. During snippets of the anticipated show, viewers witnessed Dr. Phil’s appalled expression as the woman wiped tears from her face.

Fogle admitted to possessing and distributing child pornography. He even acknowledged crossing state lines to pay for sexual acts with minors. As a result of this criminal activity, he faces a maximum sentence of 50 years, but as part of a plea agreement is expected to serve no more than 12.5 years.  Jared Fogle’s secret conversations with Rochelle Herman-Walrond will be exposed on the Dr. Phil Show today and tomorrow. This takes place just weeks before the pedophile is scheduled to be sentenced.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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