Moderate Earthquakes Shake Up Turkmenistan


On Saturday, Oct. 12, Turkmenistan was shaken by four earthquakes at 21:37 UTC. The tremors ranged from a 4.8 to a 5.3 magnitude. The deepest hypocenter was 10 km deep. A 3.5M aftershock came at 21:52 UTC. There have not been any reports of injuries or damages.

According to USGS, the earthquakes could have caused moderate to severe damage due to their size and all five hit close to each other in Baherden near the city of Ashgabat.

One of the tremors was specifically reported to be on the border of Turkmenistan and Iran. This was still less than 104 km from the other earthquakes.

This region is surrounded my four or more tectonic plates. Seismic activity in this area is to be expected and can be devastating.

By Jeanette Smith

USGS: M5.0 – 30km W of Baherden
ESMC: M5.3 – Turkmenistan
Earthquake-Report: Moderate Earthquake Turkmenistan-Iran Border Region

Image Courtesy of 2008+’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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