Selena Gomez Quits Music Industry, ‘Revival’ Her Last Album, Claims Source



Selena Gomez seems to be over Hollywood and all the bad things that it has dragged into her life, hence why she is now said to be quitting showbiz for good. At least according to OK! magazine’s sources, who seem very vocal when stressing how the songstress has grown tired of the industry’s manipulating tactics, which have evidently led to her downfall in the past.

Gomez was alleged to have stayed at a rehab facility in Arizona back in 2014, having reportedly battled an ongoing addiction to Xanax and alcohol. Again, this is alleged. But at the same time, it should be stressed that, if those stories were true, it is understandable to see why the former Disney star now wants to distance herself from the industry completely.

The Good For You singer has been in showbiz since she was five years old, having first made her appearance on Barney with on-again, off again pal Demi Lovato. During her late teenage years, Gomez would fall in love with Justin Bieber, who would go on to break her heart on numerous occasions, being at fault for the couple’s multiple breakups.

Then, of course, came the singer’s own body image struggle, having often been blasted in the media for being “overweight” and “fat.” Taking all into consideration, it seems as if Gomez has finally had enough. “She cries all the time thinking about the hypocrisy and backstabbing that come with the entertainment industry,” a source explained to OK! magazine. “Underneath her spirited facade, Selena is a mess.”

While her music career has been going steady, her love life has been nothing but chaos — not to forget her rollercoaster friendships with Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Gomez has often doubted herself on whether the people she surrounds herself are even her genuine friends, seeing that she has often experienced cases of being backstabbed behind a so-called friend in the past.

Her latest album Revival, which sold roughly 85,000 copies in its first week, has proven to be somewhat of a hit with fans, but according to OK!, Selena only signed a one-album deal. This means that, since she has now released the record, she is no longer signed to a recording label, giving her the opportunity to do whatever she wants to do.

And to fans who wonder how Gomez will make a living following her retirement from showbiz, one should not forget that this 23-year-old has been working for 18 years. From reruns of her former show Wizards of Waverly Place to backend album and songwriting earnings, she could literally disappear for a decade and still be well off.

With Gomez’s alleged rehab stint, and her supposed trouble trying to get back on her feet following her breakup to Bieber, maybe a break from Hollywood is not so bad after all. It does not have to be forever, but a couple of years would not do the girl any harm.

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