Shooting Plot and Bomb Threat Thwarted by Law Enforcement Officials

Two students at Riverbend High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia, were arrested by the police for reportedly plotting a bomb threat and shooting at the learning institution on Oct. 24, 2015. Law enforcement officials thwarted the shooting plot and bomb threat after a tip-off from other learners. The students, aged 15 and 17, are currently under detention at a juvenile confinement center where they face charges of conspiracy to commit murder. Their identities have been withheld as they are juveniles and have not been arraigned for a capital offense.

It is alleged that the teens intended to call in a bomb threat, and then, shoot fellow students during the ensuing confusion. The shooting plot and bomb threat, which was thwarted by the law enforcement officials, was intended to be carried out on Oct. 26, 2015, according to a source who was privy to information. As a result, police set up informal interviews at the school with other students so as to get further information about the plot.

Roger Harris, Spotsylvania County sheriff, praised the police officials and school administrators for being proactive in light of the impending catastrophe that was going to befell the school. In a statement, Harris said, “All parties were able to mitigate the danger and the immediate threat to our kids before it came to fruition.” He also stated that the shooting plot and bomb threat are acts of terror which should not be thwarted by law enforcement officials only.

By Shepherd Mutsvara
Edited by Leigh Haugh

Fox News: Two Virginia Students Arrested in Shooting Plot, Police Say
Image Courtesy of Dereck Bridges’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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