West Side Violence Suppression Mission Leads to 48 Arrests

crime-scene-picCHICAGO – Chicago Police arrested nearly 50 offenders in connection with a violence suppression mission targeting the top gang conflict in the Harrison (11th) District on the City’s West Side.

As a result of the strategy, intelligence related to recent incidents of fetanyl overdoses have
helped police target their investigative efforts, in addition to aiding in the development of important
leads in several violent crimes that occurred in the area.

In an effort to curtail violence within the boundaries of Madison Street to Roosevelt Road and
Washtenaw Street to Kedzie Avenue, members of the Chicago Police Narcotics Division initiated
a narcotics-related antiviolence mission to confront an ongoing gang conflict in the area. A total of
60 offenders were identified, with 48 of the targets subsequently taken into police custody.
A portion of the mission examined recent incidents of fetanyl-related overdoses which occurred in
the Harrison District, resulting in the arrest of 15 offenders in connection with the ongoing
investigation of these occurrences. Area North Detectives have been able to build on the efforts of
the Narcotics Division mission and advance leads connected to shootings and homicides that
occurred in the community.

Additionally, after the execution of several search warrants, Chicago Police were able to seize three weapons and more narcotics off of the streets. “More than 60 percent of the targets in the violence suppression mission are convicted felons, with a number of them having criminal histories involving weapons-related convictions,” said Bureau of Organized Crime Chief Anthony Riccio. “By initiating this antiviolence strategy in the Narcotics
Division and coordinating throughout the Department to maximize results, we have sent a clear message that under no circumstance will we allow violent criminal street gangs to engage in criminal activity that threatens the safety and quality of life in our communities,” he added. Chicago Police continue to seek outstanding offenders wanted in connection with this investigation. The targeted area has been saturated with a uniformed police presence in the aftermath of the mission.

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