Tom Jones Senate Candidate Outlines Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration

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Tom Jones
Tom Jones, an Independent American Party candidate for United States Senate in Nevada, feels illegal immigration is a crime and must be stopped. In fact, many politicians are debating building a wall, fence, or electronic surveillance to stop illegal immigration. However, it will take years to complete these suggestions. It is necessary to start to protect U.S. borders with one of these suggestions, but the nation needs to do something that would make a difference now. In response, Jones has outlined a five-step plan to stop illegal immigration.

According to the Heritage Foundations Calculations, the overall government spending on illegal immigration in 2010 came to $5.4 trillion. Excluding spending on public goods, interest on the debt, and related financial obligations, total spending came to $31,584 per household across the entire population.

Currently, the United States is over $19 trillion in debt without counting the unfunded liabilities such as government loan guarantees. From a financial perspective alone, the U.S. economy cannot afford illegal immigration.

As such, Tom Jones has outlined a five-step plan to stop illegal immigration, which would have an almost immediate effect. Many states are already fighting illegal immigration with new laws like those included in these suggestions.

Tom Jones

According to Jones, the first step for fighting illegal immigration would be to enforce the existing immigration laws and deport criminals who are in this country illegally. If an illegal immigrant is in jail, deport them when they are set free. If there is an illegal immigrant who is a convicted felon, they should be deported. If an illegal immigrant is arrested for committing a crime, deport them unless it is a serious crime. If it is a serious crime, deport them after they have served their time.

For minor offenses, it would be advisable to deport them instead of sending them to prison or jail. When they entered this country illegally, they committed a crime and can be deported. No trial is necessary under these circumstances.

When illegal immigrants are deported, they should be relocated to a region of their country that is as far from the United States as possible.

The second step of Jones’ plan to stop illegal immigration is to eliminate jobs for illegal aliens. He feels the U.S. government should impose fines on anyone, including businesses, who hires an illegal alien. The fines would be assessed per person hired and should be increased for second or third offenses until the fine is as much as $1 million per person per offense.

To be compassionate and provide time for people who have been here for over five years with children who are over five years old, the U.S. government would allow them to apply for a temporary work permit. For instance, if they are not accepting any help from the state or federal government and do not have a criminal record, they could get a 5-year work permit. The only government assistance they would receive would be schooling for their children. If they accept any other form of assistance, their work permit would be canceled and they would be deported.

This work permit program would end after one year. No one will be able to sign up for this program after the program ends. This would discourage illegal immigrants from trying to enter the U.S. borders, wait five years, and try to get a work permit.

These two steps alone would go a long way in fighting illegal immigration. First, it would produce a mass exodus of criminal aliens because they would fear deportation. Meanwhile, other illegal aliens would leave because they cannot get a job or support their families.

Under Tom Jones’ outlined plan to stop illegal immigration, each state could pass the laws necessary to fine anyone who hires illegal immigrants and deport them out of the state.

The third step of Jones’ plan to stop illegal immigration would be to allow illegal aliens, who are not convicted criminals, to apply for citizenship. They would be at the end of the line and have to wait their turn. However, the fact that they did come to this nation illegally would not be held against them. They would be treated like any other immigrant.

If they qualified for a work permit, they could stay here until the permit expires. They would then have to leave until they were allowed to enter the U.S. legally. If they were permitted to enter the nation legally before their deportation was completed, they would be able to stay here and avoid deportation altogether.

Tom Jones

The fourth step of Jones’ plan for fighting illegal immigration would take some time because it requires the United States Congress to act to revise the current immigration laws. For starters, they would have to increase the number of immigrants that could enter the United States legally. Since many illegal aliens would have left, allowing more immigrants to enter the country should not be an issue.

If more immigrants would be allowed to enter the U.S., the waiting time would be shortened, and hopefully, many of the illegals who were issued work permits might be able to remain here legally.

The fifth step of Jones’ plan for fighting illegal immigration is to protect U.S. borders with a wall, fence, or electronic surveillance. While this measure would take time and money, it is necessary because the U.S. Constitution made the Federal Government responsible for protecting its borders from invasion.

Tom Jones, who is an Independent American Party candidate for the U.S. Senate seat soon-to-be vacated by Harry Reid (D-NV), feels that if these five steps for fighting illegal immigration were implemented, it would effectively stop illegal immigration and make legal immigration easier.

Written and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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