Bill Clinton Moral Misconduct Exposed Again


There is only so much dirt that can hide beneath a political carpet. Bill Clinton’s moral misconduct has not been a secret since his scandal with Monica Lewinsky was exposed in 1998. According to FOX News, his propensity for extramarital affairs may now affect the political campaign of his wife, Hillary Clinton, as she again runs for president of the United States.

According to Breitbart News, Donald Trump has joined the attack on the former president as female victims, such as Kathleen Willey, come forward to allege sexual misconduct by him. On Sunday, Jan. 10, Willey spoke out on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, saying she was subject to acts of intimidation to silence her about the alleged events.

Allegations from Trump regarding Bill Clinton’s abuse suggest the former first lady is continuing to sweep her husband’s dirt under the proverbial rug. ABC News reports that the former secretary of state has said these latest attacks are dead-end tactics that will not work. She claims that the Republicans have tried using this method before, and it has never worked. She is unfazed by Trump’s allegations and vows to stay focused on her goal. For a woman who is so focused on human rights, it seems rather callous of her to ignore the averments. She never admits or denies her involvement. Like a true politician, she flips the issues around and accuses her opponents of ineffective attacks.

Despite the fact that the NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll showed Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders nearly tied in Iowa, she remains poised. She told ABC News that her New Year’s resolution was not to engage with Trump. In her opinion, the polls are not an accurate measure of the ultimate goal. She said, “These polls go up, they go down. I stay pretty focused, as I think we all should, on what we have to do to build on the progress of the Obama administration, but go even further.” The fact that this woman is unaffected by her actions and their results should cause considerable concern. It suggests the people’s votes have little to do with her gaining the presidency.

During the radio broadcast, Willey encouraged other women to come forward, claiming that no one could hurt them now, because the truth had been exposed. Willey also demanded that Hillary Clinton submit to a lie detector test to answer questions about her involvement in the silencing of those who accused her husband of sexual assault. Trump received an encouraging message from Willey thanking him for escalating the cries of Bill Clinton’s alleged sex victims to front-page status. Trump had complained about his moral misconduct and despicable record of women abuse, which is popping up again in the wake of his wife’s candidacy. In defense of her husband, Hillary Clinton accused Trump of having a “penchant for sexism.”

In a Twitter discussion, Trump replied, “If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!” Willey thanked him for his candor and encouraged him to further question the former first lady about her husband and his escapades with convicted pedophile and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. She alleges the two often took Epstein’s jet, the “Lolita Express,” to his private “orgy island,” where they were known to have sex with underage girls. Willey accused them both of sex trafficking and wanted to know why that was accepted by Hillary Clinton. With so much information exposed, it makes people wonder how the Clintons are able to remain in such power, let alone run for the presidency. One can only imagine the corruption that might come from such an election.

Willey was intimidated into keeping quiet, but she refuses to do so now. She says she was threatened and harassed shortly after her deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit that threatened Bill Clinton’s presidency. She said dead cats were left at her door, her home was violated, and her car tires were destroyed. Her allegations of the former president and his moral misconduct were not treated seriously, and a litany of torment was unleashed upon her life.

In April 1999, author Christopher Hitchens filed an affidavit against his longtime friend, Sidney Blumenthal, who was also Bill Clinton’s aide. The affidavit detailed a lunch conversation between the two men, in which Blumenthal admitted there was a campaign to smear Willey.

The meal with Blumenthal took place shortly after Willey’s interview on 60 Minutes. Hitchens did not believe Willey’s allegations of being intimidated into silence until that ill-fated lunch with his friend. It was the tone of Blumenthal’s voice that took Hitchens back the most. Hitchens claimed it was as if Blumenthal was saying, “Yeah, we’ll take care of her.”

Within days of Hitchen’s lunch with Blumenthal, Willey says she received a call from private detective Jared Stern. Having moral doubts about the work he had been hired to do, he warned Willey that she had influential enemies and to beware. Willey had also been pressured by politically-connected tycoon Nathan Landow. Hitchens knew him as a member of the Clintons’  soft-money world. It is interesting how the Clintons’ financial support remains a mystery.

When Landow was asked by the grand jury during the Paula Jones trial if he had spoken to Willey on the president’s behalf, Landow chose to say nothing. It is interesting how such silence screams of guilt.

Hitchens refused to believe that Blumenthal had anything to do with the threats until missing letters, which were subpoenaed in 1998 for the Jones trial, were suddenly found. The letters between Bill Clinton and Willey were released by the White House after Hitchen’s lunch date, when the cover-up was no longer necessary, which seems very convenient.

Klein has gone on to interview more of Bill Clinton’s alleged victims, including Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones. Gennifer Flowers admitted to having consensual relations with the former president and warned the public about Hillary Clinton becoming president. Klein told The Washington Post that his radio talk show is a safe place for these women to talk about their abuse at the hands of Bill Clinton and his wife. It is scary to think that people like Hillary Clinton can still run for president after building such a dark history.

Political strategist Roger Stone told Klein that the presidential candidate promotes herself as an advocate for women and children. He then accused her of being a hypocrite. She once stated that rape victims should be believed. Her history and that of her husband do not support her statement. Stone accused Hillary Clinton of being an enabler of rape, especially those allegedly performed by her husband. Stone says that he believes the former president physically violated more women who do not feel confident enough to come forward. Hillary Clinton championed him and hired detectives to gather information about the accusing females. She then used the information to launch a terror campaign to intimidate the victims in order to prevent them from coming forward. Her motivation is clear. She wants nothing to interfere with her growing power and wealth.

Stone’s book, The Clintons’ War on Women, tells more horrific stories behind Bill Clinton and his moral misconduct, including the couple’s hidden agendas. According to Stone, the former president’s alleged serial rapes and his wife’s alleged cover-ups are exposed again and again as more victims come forward. They are the pawns of something much more powerful than they, and that must be stopped.

Opinion by Rowena Portch

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