Snow Increase as System Develops

snow increase
Winter storm Ilias, is the second of two winter storms named this year. It is in the atmosphere, causing a merrymaking abstract of events that will last today and into tomorrow. Moisture is being pulled up into the cooler air, therefore, causing a storm that will amplify snowfall. Regions that will be affected by the storm include the Dakotas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Illinois, Minneapolis, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. 

Areas will see an increase of snow ranging anywhere from one to five inches. There are also reports of secluded areas receiving increments of snow up to six inches. Regions that will see heavier snow increases are located in the midwestern part of the globe.

Many sites are posting informational guides on how to survive in these treacherous conditions. Due to this snowstorm moving its way east there are already reports of severe thunderstorms arriving because of the warmer side of the storm in the Gulf Stream clashing with the cooler weather of Ilias, causing the increase in snow and other storms. An abundance of rain is expected, along with tornado warnings, into Thursday and Friday, along the Gulf where the threat is highest. These storms have already been projected to have an influence on  Mississippi and Louisiana. 

By Patricia DeHaven


The Weather Channel
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