3 Essential Ways to Help Beginners Commit to Their Daily Workout

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I have come across a dozen of articles that lists motivation tips to help beginners committing to a daily workout and none of them was down-to-earth. As a professional athlete, I will give you only three ways that helped me commit to my daily workout for 15 years. That being said, here are essential ways to help beginners commit to their daily workout routine.

  1. Limited Time and Distance–For a beginner, going to the gym is a burden. As such, the closer it is to your home, the more motivated you will be to go to the gym. A nearby gym within walking distance makes an excellent choice and will guarantee you stay motivated to get up every day for a workout. As a beginner, your workout should not be long. 45 minutes of hard training and you are good to go. Just stick to a routine and you will start to love it, then it will grow on you. To sum it up, keep your workout short in time and distance.
  2. Consider Your Gym Colleague Wisely–Beginners should consider a “gym buddy” to help keep them committed to their daily workout, but it might be even better to have a “gym colleague.” I bet most of you are wondering why I am using the word “colleague” in this context. Well, pay attention to what you are about to read. When it comes to commitment, you should avoid having family members and/or close friends as gym buddies to avoid making it easier to drop out or cancel the workout on any given day. Instead, choose someone you would not like to disappoint. This way, you will feel more obliged to join in and participate. Choosing someone who is slightly stronger than you in physique, more experienced, and/or more committed will help you reach your goals faster. Furthermore, a daily confirmation call protocol to confirm a meeting time with your gym colleague could help you stay committed to your workout routine.
  3. Get Hooked on Supplements–Supplements make you more disciplined towards your workout goals. First of all, some products have a morning intake requirement that you should expect to take with or right after your breakfast. Having consumed that energizing substance in the morning, you already tricked yourself into going to the gym on that day. Otherwise, you are going to have to find a way to let that expel that extra energy. Second, when you are on a supplement, you will be curious to see the results, especially for beginners, as you tend to have very high expectations that you will look like the models in the bodybuilding magazines. A third reason to consider supplements is that, in case you decided to use steroids, it is a must to complete the course in a pre-determined number of weeks, as you start progressively with the dose until it diminishes. This is because quitting at any time in the middle of the course can be harmful to your body as the steroids affect the level of hormones your body naturally produces and may result in a permanent deficiency.

Although supplements, in my opinion, are essential for your commitment towards your daily workout, it is not for everyone. You must consult your physician and/or sports specialist for necessary checkups as well as consultancy for which product will be suitable for you and will best help you achieve your goals.

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