Black Pastor Justifies Trump Antics and Rally Violence [Video]

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TrumpOn Tuesday, Pastor Darrell Scott defended Trump’s antics and rally violence on MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall. Scott, Pastor of New Spirit Revival Center and avid Trump supporter, outraged many within the black community when he attempted to justify the violence which has taken place at recent political rallies for the GOP front-runner as well as his unorthodox racially seasoned language on the campaign trail. Dr. Scott also informed the journalist that there is an undercurrent of black Americans who support the business mogul but have chosen to remain anonymous. Although Scott said he does not condone violence, he justified Trump’s antics and the host of rally violence which has taken place.

Hall asked the pastor if he felt as if Trump was inciting the violence which seems to dominate his rallies. While Scott said he does not believe the Republican candidate plays a role in inciting riots, he understands why Trump supporters respond in a violent manner. The minister, to the confusion of viewers and the interviewer, clarified his answer by saying:

… inciting? ‘no’ because you don’t see the Donald Trump supporters fighting each other. If he was creating an atmosphere and a climate of hate then you would see people (supporters) there to attend the meeting fighting each other.

The journalist quickly jumped in to say that his response made no sense because people who are on the same side do not typically fight each other. Scott went on to say:

Those that are antagonistic towards him are coming in with the intention of causing conflict and disruption.

Hall then referenced the incident at a North Carolina rally when one supporter sucker-punched a protestor in the face as he was being escorted from one of Trump’s rallies. Initially, the pastor refused to admit that the man, John McGraw, who assaulted a protester during the rally was a supporter. Hall quickly corrected him and removed all doubt concerning McGraw’s position. She also noted that he had been celebrated by Trump and other supporters for his actions. Scott replied by stating that this was only news because it was a white man hitting a black man. He added:

If this had been black man who had punched a white man we would not have had the controversy. If a black man had hit another black man we would not have had the outrage.

The minister went on to reference a recent incident which occurred at a rap concert in Philadelphia where comedian Katt Williams got attacked by three black men and the assault made no noise on the radar screen. Scott attempted to shift gears by asking Hall why is it that no one is protesting about the social climate that produces that type of behavior. Again, she quickly cut across his rhetoric by saying, “As I said to you before, that sounds ridiculous!” She went on to say:

You are referencing a comedian who is a comedian in pop culture; we are talking about a presidential candidate who said on stage, ‘If someone throw a tomato, punch them and I’ll cover your legal expenses.’ … when you have a presidential candidate saying, ‘take them out on stretcher’ how is that not inciting violence?

Scott, again, stated that he does not condone the violence, but quickly added, “If I hear that, I don’t throw the tomato.” Every response seems to justify Trump’s antics and rally violence. The minister said the behavior of such supporters is based on action and reaction; if there is no action then there is no reaction, according to the preacher. Hall, obviously puzzled by Scott’s responses, asked him to clarify how holding up a sign for an opposing candidate Trumpencourages violence. None of the answers rendered validated the climate upset that has been generated by Trump supporters.

There are some who have hailed Pastor Darrell Scott’s decision to defend Trump during the interview with Tamron Hall while others question why he has yet to accept Roland Martin’s request to join him on NewsOne News.  Scott’s decision to forego the invitation may have something to do with another pastor’s lack of success on the show. Last year, after 109 black ministers met with the presidential hopeful, Pastor Stephen Parson accepted an interview with Martin and was annihilated.

Meanwhile, a group of black religious leaders has asked their colleagues to consider Trump’s rhetoric on race before endorsing him for president. The pastor, as many agree, has a right to his opinion and to support the candidate of his choosing.  Nevertheless, any attempt to justify Trump’s antics and violent outbreaks at rallies appears contrary to his position as a minister and peace yielding citizen of this great country.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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