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Early Projections in Kansas Caucus Slates Ted Cruz as Winner


As of 4:45 p.m. CST, on March 5, 2016, NBC News has projected Ted Cruz as the winner of the Republican caucus in Kansas. With 43 percent of the locations submitting their reports, Cruz has 15,793 or 49 percent of the votes.

Donald Trump has 7,983 votes, which gives him approximately 25 percent. Marco Rubio and John Kasich are in third and fourth places. Although, Ben Carson suspended his campaign on March 4, the votes he received today place him fifth in the race.

Cruz, who is already in Idaho campaigning for the March 8 primary, celebrated his Kansas victory. The crowd in Couer d’Alene cheered when he exclaimed, “God bless Kansas!” He also gave them the news that there were early signs his numbers were high in the caucus in Maine.

He further exclaimed that the loud noise the crowd heard from Washington, D.C. was the Democrats lamenting what his supporters are doing! Cruz also took jabs at Trump, in light of besting the real estate mogul in Kansas.

Paraphrasing Trump’s slogan, Cruz said, “You can talk about making America great again” and the slogan can even be printed on baseball caps. However, he asks, does Trump understand the values and principles “that made America great in the first place?”

The win for Cruz in Kansas is the third caucus he has won.  He has a total of five victories to date.

By Cathy Milne


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