Ted Cruz Wins Kansas Caucus

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Ted Cruz is set to break away from the pack and Donald Trump’s positions as a frontrunner may be in trouble. Cruz has won the Kansas GOP Caucus with an overwhelming 49 percent of the votes. CNN estimates that Cruz is also ahead in the Maine caucus, with 48 percent of the vote, despite only 5 percent of the vote being counted thus far.

Donald Trump has a lead, overall by about 100 delegates, but CNN speculates that if Cruz continues to do well, he could start to show himself as the GOP’s last hope at undermining the wave that Trump has been riding with his sweep of the southern states. The Cruz win, at the Kansas caucus, lent a significant boost to the GOP establishment as they have been rallying around former Republican nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain. The two have released statements blasting frontrunner, Trump.

The lineup of caucuses for Super Saturday reported a massive turnout, with the GOP printing 60,000 ballots. The Republicans were worried they would need more as the voting lines went around the block. People had been in line since early morning. Both Trump and Cruz held rallies in Wichita that morning. Cruz mentioned in an interview, with reporters, that his win in Kansas demonstrated that people are ready for the best conservative nominee.

Cruz addressed his cheering supporters at a rally, declaring that people were starting to wake up and wanted a change. He called for the hardworking people with “callouses on their hands,” and the students worried about their ballooning debt, addressing the economic worries of the public at large.

Marco Rubio had 14.3 percent of the vote in Kansas, and John Kasich had nine percent of the votes.

By Juanita Lewis


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