Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are the Winners in Louisiana Primary

On the heels of the massive caucus turnout for Republican candidates, the Louisiana Primary took place March 5, 2016. During this closed election, only registered voters in the Republican and Democratic parties were allowed to participate.

Louisiana had 51 Democratic delegates in play and Hillary Clinton was expected to do well. It came as no surprise to many that she scored overwhelmingly in Louisiana with 70 percent of the votes, and all of the delegates. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had not stopped by to rally supporters in the Sugar State.

As for the Republican race, it was increasingly close the entire day between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. There are 46 delegates available for the GOP, and Trump is expected to walk away all of them. CNN projected that Trump would win the only primary contest of the evening, which is exactly what he wanted. Trump swiped 46.3 percent of the Louisiana Primary vote, with Ted Cruz trailing behind with 27 percent.

Clinton expected her score of 51 delegates at the Louisiana Primary, which gave her a stronger foothold on the way to the White House. CNN noted that Louisiana was a state that could swing either way toward Trump or Cruz, TrumpĀ appeals to the blue-collar evangelical voters, a demographic that Cruz consistently fell short in. Ultimately, Trump won 46 delegates in the Louisiana Primary.

By Juanita Lewis
Edited by Cathy Milne


CNN: Super Saturday Coverage
Image Courtesy of U.S. Embassy’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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