Chicago 15-Year-Old Black Female Shot While Standing With Friends [Video]

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Every weekend young people in the city of Chicago are traumatized by senseless shootings. This evening is no different as around 8:55 p.m. CT, another 15-year-old black female was shot while standing with her friends on the west side of Chicago.

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Fortunately, for the young teen and her parents, Patrick and Chevy Fisher, she is likely to survive the assault. While these acts of violence are becoming so commonplace that it barely makes the breaking news cycle on the local affiliate stations, The Guardian Liberty Voice, with its Boldly Inclusive mantra to recruit Citizen Journalists in Chicago, is amassing talented and aggressive Citizen reporters like Untrail Boyd to focus the spotlight on the horror that is unfolding in the streets of urban cities in America everyday.

By James Cannon
Edited by DiMarkco Chandler

Untrail Boyd

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