Death Toll From Ecuador Earthquake Reaches 646

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On April 16, 2016, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Ecuador. This was the largest earthquake to hit the country in well over 20 years. The original tremor and aftershocks subsequently caused buildings to collapse, roads to be destroyed and infrastructure in the areas on the coast of the country, mostly visited by tourists, to come down.

Every day since the initial quake, aftershocks have continued to raise the death toll. President Rafael Correa stated that, so far, 646 people have died, 12,492 have been reported as wounded and 130 people are still classified as missing. Over 100 people have been rescued from under the rubble of fallen buildings and other debris. The president reported the rescue work is still ongoing, but the chance of finding more people alive under all the debris is growing more unlikely each day. There has been nothing said about how people are staying safe during the quake’s aftershocks.

President Correa gave an address to the nation on April 20. His speech focused on paying the $3 billion in estimated costs to rebuild the broken country.

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By Jeanette Smith


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