Donald Trump Video Captures Out-of-Line Reporter

Donald Trump just cannot seem to clear his name of assaults and women bashing, but the tables are looking as if they are starting to turn. Those against Trump’s campaign and his many supporters watched the horrific video capturing his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, aggressively grabbing reporter Michelle Fields, as she was, as most viewers believed, simply doing her job. Viewers witnessed Fields trying to interview Trump as he was walking. A secret service agent is then seen instructing her to stay in a secured area. She waited for a moment for the agent to turn his head and jumped on the opportunity to catch up to Trump. According to TMZ, the new video released, April 14, 2016, captures Lewandowski being the one doing his job, as he saw the reporter being aggressive and out-of-line. The campaign manager, then reached for her arm to pull her away from Trump.

Charges on this case have been dropped and Trump haters could not understand why, until now. A campaign manager was simply protecting his candidate from aggressive behavior. However, due to the candidate’s tainted reputation and his disregard for women, along with his volatile rallies, many believed it was not too far-fetched, that Fields might have been treated unfairly. However, the release of this new video, capturing the reporter acting out-of-line might, for once, clear him.

Trump may understand Fields’ tactic and strategy to get the job done but not when it is being directed at him.  Whether Fields quit her position at Breitbart, or she was terminated due to the video capturing her out-of-line behavior with Trump, haters and supporters both admired her aggressiveness to, get the scoop by any means necessary.

By Meleika Gardner
Edited by Jeanette Smith



Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Common License

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