‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer Released

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Jason Bourne

The new Jason Bourne movie trailer was released on April 21, 2016. The new installment in the series of thrillers brings Matt Damon back to the screen as the lead. The film is expected to be reminiscent of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum due to the combination of Damon and director Paul Greengrass returning to what is anticipated to be a thrilling installment for fans of the series.

The last time the hero was seen was in 2007, as he was fighting his way through conspiracies and an identity crisis. This film will pick up a decade after Bourne was last seen. He is thrust into current day controversies, such as the migrant crisis and the Anonymous group. In the previous installments, the character was still figuring out who he really was; however, in this movie, the double agent knows and accepts exactly who he is.

The trailer shows Bourne, stronger than ever and ready to break through any barriers that get in his way. Revising his role as a former CIA operative, he is dealing with modern day sets of obstacles. The movie was filmed across the world in major cities, such as Washington, D.C., Greece, and London. Bourne is confronted with issues that are closer to reality,with the economic collapse and cyber terrorism at their cores.

From the trailer, fans can anticipate everything they have come to love about the series, including Damon returning as the lead role. Tortured by his past but still kicking butt in the present, the trailer poses the ominous question: Why has he returned, especially now? The trailer shows the operative navigating through modern day turmoil while figuring out the best manner in which to achieve his goal. What that goal is, however, has yet to be determined, and the question in the trailer is who he is coming for. Knowing that he was thrust into his role with the CIA, based on lies the government told him, has left those who created Bourne to be an ultimate warrior unable to control his actions and tense. The character is back and looking for his brand of justice. While the government, who he worked for and who turned against him, is always high on the list, the enemy in this installment is unknown.

What is evident is that the film will be fast-paced and packed with skilled fighting and amazing stunts. The trailer provides the start of the intensity that fans have become accustomed to from the series. The action and energy from the trailer indicate that nothing has been missed with Damon’s return to the role.

This film is meant to be a continuation of the first three films, starting with The Bourne Identity. This installment is meant to bring closure to the character’s legacy. Julie Stiles will also be reprising her role, as shown in the newly released trailer. The film is expected to be in theaters on July 29, 2016.

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