Assemblyman Ira Hansen Issues Letter to LDS Community Urging Them to Reject Assemblyman Chris Edwards for Re-Election

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Assemblyman Chris Edwards
Nevada Assemblyman Ira Hanson (R) has issued a letter urging his LDS family to reject Assemblyman Chris Edwards.

Hanson opposes Edwards’ stance on Nevada public schools and locker rooms being “gender-neutral” See Hanson’s email and letter in its entirety below:

May 20, 2016
Dear Connie,

In regards to your questions, yes I can give you a great deal of information on Chris Edward’s actions at the legislature.

As you may know I have eight children and thirteen grand children – family values and my faith (I am LDS) are a way of life for me. Edwards represents a district that has historically reflected similar family values and constitutional principles. Yet he fought aggressively against Vicki Dooling’s bill protecting fundamental privacy rights in locker rooms and bathrooms for women (AB375). Deceptively, after attacking the bill on the floor – and seeing it was going to be defeated – he actually switched his vote! Why? So he could go back to his constituents and tell them he “supported” student privacy. Apparently he feels the people of District 19 are easily deceived. In three legislative sessions I have never seen anything so calculated and dishonest on the floor. (You can watch this entire unsavory episode on the Nevada Legislature website. Look up Assembly Floor Session April 22, 2015.) Nor is that all. He voted for SB504, which mandated every school district in Nevada make all facilities “gender-neutral”. In short, what President Obama just recently mandated federally had already been done here in Nevada with the willing help of Edwards. Now, if your daughter is changing gym clothes in PE, and a fellow student that “identifies” as a female but is biologically a boy is sharing the same locker room and your daughter complains, she can be disciplined for being a “bully”. I can give you several other examples – getting wired by the feds and deliberately trying to incriminate his own trusting legislative colleagues, his voting for every single expansion of government but then cynically voting against the tax hike to pay for them – knowing the tax hike would pass anyway – is a good sampling, and I have many more examples, but this should give you a very good look at what he truly did. So yes I will gladly endorse you to replace him. Let’s hope the good people of District 19 can see through the “establishment” spin. Sincerely, Ira Hansen.

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DiMarkco Chandler contributed to this report.