Chicago Lexus Passenger Injured Following Collision With Dump Truck [Video]


Guardian Liberty Voice photojournalist, Untrial D. Boyd, has been building a reputation in Chicago for capturing live video at the beginning of, during and after major news events. Though the following news video might not be classified as major, it nevertheless is newsworthy for citizens living in the area where the event has transpired.

At approximately 6:45 p.m. CST, a large white dump truck headed eastbound on 16th Street rolled into the side of a grey Lexus SUV as it was turning left to go southbound on Homan Avenue and 16th Street. A passenger inside of the Lexus was injured and has been rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, located at 1500 S. California Ave. According to witnesses, the injured passenger, Jermaine Disdale, tried to leave the Lexus but was persuaded by the driver to wait for an ambulance to arrive.

For a firsthand account of the accident as it unfolded, simply select the first video below.

Written by DiMarkco Chandler

Videographer: Untrail D. Boyd
Images Courtesy of Untrail D. Boyd

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