Indiana Primary Called for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, Spells End for Ted Cruz



On May 3, 2016, Indiana voters headed to the polls for their state’s Democratic and Republican primary contests. The results were called for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as primary voters picks on May 3. The Indiana primary also spelled the end for GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who announced he was dropping out of the race following the results.

Cruz had pinned the last of his 2016 Campaign hopes on a resurgence in the Hoosier State. However, even if he had prevailed in the May 3 primary, Cruz had virtually no chance of catching up to Trump given the current delegate counts. While Trump has not garnered enough delegates, thus far, to claim the Republican presidential nomination outright, his delegate lead is considered insurmountable at this point. The exit of Cruz leaves only Ohio Governor John Kasich to challenge Trump for the GOP nomination.

The same is true of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who only has remaining rival Sanders in her path to the Democratic nomination. Despite the fact that Sanders pulled out a narrow win in the Indiana primary, Clinton’s delegate lead, along with her nearly 600 pledged superdelegates, makes the Democratic presidential nomination inevitable. The chances that Sanders could catch Clinton are virtually impossible.

As the Indiana primary results called for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as its winners, the contest also spelled the end of the road for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who dropped out of the race. At the conclusion of the night, Trump claimed 53.3 percent of the vote and 51 of 57 delegates. Meanwhile, Sanders garnered 52.5 percent of the vote and 43 of 83 delegates versus Clinton’s 47.5 percent of the vote and 37 delegates. With the exit of Cruz, many Democrats, as well as politicians across the spectrum, are wondering when Sanders will cry uncle and concede the nomination for the White House run to dominant frontrunner Hillary Clinton. As the primary season comes closer to its conclusion, the race is narrowing and both parties will have their nominees sooner rather than later.

Written and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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