Los Angeles Hip Hop Artist Curtessy on His Defining Moment

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Los Angeles native Curtessy is taking his music career to the next level with his first album, “Defining Moment.” Although this is his first LP, Curtessy has been crafting beats and songs for six years. He is now ready for his defining moment and to show the world how much he has grown from his first mix tape to now – not just as a producer, but as a songwriter and artist. Curtessy, whose influences include West Coast legends Dr. Dre and DJ Quik, has been hard at work putting the final touches on his debut album, which is one that will have fans appreciating the time and effort he has put into it. With tracks such as “L.A.,” which talks about the streets of Los Angeles and the conscious track, “History,” as well as the singles “Don’ Stop,” and, for anybody struggling to make ends meet who keeps pushing to make their dreams come true, “Get Right,” Curtessy has crafted a pure, solid project that hip hop fans can appreciate and love. Recently, the Los Angeles hip hop artist sat down to speak about his debut album, “Defining Moment.”

KN: In your own words, tell the fans who Curtessy is?
C: I’m from Los Angeles. Been rapping and producing for 6 years. Begin rapping as a way to present my beats. Producing came first.

KN: How would you say you have grown since your first mix tapes to now?
C: Found myself as an artist. More comfortable with myself when it comes to trying something new with my music.

KN: What inspires you? Influences?
C: Dr Dre, “The Chronic” was a big influence, Tupac, DJ Quik, Daz Dillinger, DJ Premier. Did a track called “Westcoast,”which was influenced by Dr Dre.

KN: When in the studio, what is your creative process like?
C: Varies. When I get going, I write, write, write or produce, and when I’m done, I’m done. I start one or two tracks, have a direction of where I want to go with the project. “Defining Moment” – the longest project to create. Most tracks were created within the last year. “Get Right” is two years old. “God of War” came off another EP, didn’t want to go to waste.

KN: Release date for “Defining Moment” and where will it be available?
C: May 17th on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal.

KN: Favorite tracks from the album?
C.: “History.” Had two people in mind to do the hooks, but weren’t able to do, so tried something new.

KN: You have worked with fellow hip hop artist Pro Status. He’s not on “Defining Moment.” Will fans get another collab from you two again?
C.: That’s my brother, always gon’ be another collaboration.

KN: You released the singles, “Get Right” and “Don’t Stop.” Will there be any visuals to match?
C.: Yes. “Get Right” will have a video soon.

KN: Inspiration behind creating “Defining Moment?”
C.: This that moment want to step up to a different level. This the first project I put up for sale. The intro is from previous projects. Was supposed to be an EP.

KN: Dream collaborations?
C.: Jay, Kendrick, J.Cole, Alchemist, Dr. Dre, Premier

KN: Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?
C.: Selling out arenas. Giving back to the people. I grew up in the system so want to reach out to those kids today. Let them know it’s not the end, I want to be an inspiration.

KN: Top five rappers?
C.: Pac, B.I.G., Jay, Nas and Eminem.

KN: Any facts about Curtessy you want the fans to know that they don’t already know?
C.: Humanitarian, down-to-earth dude. I put my life in the music.

KN: What are you listening to right now?
C.: “Defining Moment;” embedding it into my memory bank. If I don’t like it, its not coming out.

KN: Any performances coming up?
C.: May 28th, I will be in Redondo Beach, and June 11th, will be in Fresno for Elements for Peace.

KN: Last words for the readers?
C.: End of the year or top of next year will drop an EP. It will be a free download. No title yet, but will have a concept like “Get Right.”

“Defining Moment” is out now on iTunes. Curtessy is on Twitter and SoundCloud: @Curtessy.

Interview/Review by Kelly Newson


Interview: Curtessy

Image Courtesy of Curtessy