iOS Jailbreaking May Be Over

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iOS platforms have been hacked since the first version of the iPhone in 2007. With every new release and iOS platform update, hacker groups, which are commonly known as “jailbreakers,”  have found ways to hack into applications and change the performance of the operating system. Apple developers have raced to keep making updates to its systems to help combat jailbreakers. The latest version of the operating system, 9.3.2, is seemingly the beginning of Apple’s success against the hackers, who are facing many more difficulties hacking the new system. Now, according to “ValueWatch,” with version 10 of the iOS, jailbreaking may be entirely over.

Jailbreaking removes restrictions built into operating systems. iOS is unique to Apple systems for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. It allows access to the root system files of the operating system, allowing the user to download additional applications and extensions that are otherwise restricted.

In March 2016, what seems to be the last stable attempt at a successful jailbreak of Apple’s 9.1 software update was made. There have been a few new versions since the March update, and the system is now using version 9.3.2, and there have still been no confirmed jailbreaks of any of the new software upgrades. Long-term trusted breakers Pangu and TaiG were looked to by the community for a solution, but they have been unable to develop an untethered jailbreak for the 9.3.2 iOS. There has been one new unknown group claiming they have broken into the new operating system, but they are being received with suspicion. Many jailbreakers have avoided updating their devices and are waiting for a successful hack in order to avoid being unable to access software they have downloaded that the system would normally not allow.

iOSHowever, the previously unknown hackers calling themselves “GSMagic” claim to have broken into the current operating system and to have a jailbreak for the BETA 9.3.3 iOS yet to come. The new group insists they have the Holy Grail so desired by the community, but jailbreakers do not want to risk their devices based on the word of those unknown to the community. has also warned jailbreakers, saying unless they have an iPhone to spare,  the tool should be tested with extreme caution.

The only real hope seen by the community is the promise from a trusted developer, who says he has come up with an untethered jailbreak. Neurogadget reported that the credentialed Italian developer, Luca Todesco, truly has the Holy Grail, giving the community hope that it may not be over after all. However, Todesco does not plan to release the tool, as he does not want to encourage piracy. His testament has only added to the overall frustration of the community, but still gives hope that iOS jailbreaking may not be over.

Apple believes that these hackers, and jailbreaking in general, undermine the security of the iOS it has created. Apple has combated jailbreaking in two ways. They first sped up updates to its iOS, always creating new patches and making it more difficult for hackers. In addition to constantly changing the system, Apple has also tried to deter jailbreakers by offering larger rewards than offering the breaks to the jailbreak community would gain. Apple has hired many former enemies as freelancers, and has given them the opportunity to get paid large sums of money to alert the company of their own hacks or to hacks of which they become aware.

It is believed that jailbreaking was born of the desire to pirate music and avoid paying for it via iTunes. However, there are multiple ways users can get around hacking the operating system for free music. Apple’s move to use the strength of the community against itself is a more likely indicator that jailbreaking may be over. The company continues to try to make the hacking useless by offering more applications and updates to its iOS. Whether jailbreakers will accept that this may be the end, or whether they will become savvier, will likely play out in technology folklore.

By Gichele Cocrelle

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