Suicide Attempt Impacts Traffic at Kennedy Expressway [Updated]


ABC News reported two interlinked incidents; one good and other bad; both took place at Augusta, Illinois, on Thursday, June 23, 2016, at 5:53 p.m. EDT. The Augusta Police Department in Illinois, acted diligently and swiftly when they thwarted a suicide attempt by an unidentified 55-year-old person who was trying to jump off an overpass located in one of the lanes of the outbound Kennedy Expressway.

Fortunately, the police officers were able to rescue the man and bring him down safely, thwarting his suicide attempt. However, they are still investigating his whereabouts and the possible reason for attempting to take such an extreme step.

Consequently, as a precautionary measure, all the lanes were shut down earlier, by the officials. However, this was causing traffic chaos and was an inconvenience, as it created significant delays for the commuters. Police officials have slowly started opening lanes on the expressway. The first to open was the outbound Kennedy Expressway at the Milwaukee exit.

Meanwhile, the officials have also confirmed that the situation would take some time to restore things to normalcy. Hence, it is advisable for anyone heading in that direction to consider an alternate route.

Written by Bashar Saajid
Edited by Jeanette Smith


ABC News: Outbound Kennedy Expressway Reopens at Milwaukee

Image Courtesy of  Terry Ross’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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