Arianna Huffington Steps Down From Her Brainchild


“The Washington Post,” reported on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016, that Arianna Huffington has stepped down from her brainchild, the Huffington Post. The 66-year-old female American entrepreneur, of Greek descent, co-founded the paper, on May 9, 2005, along with Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti. She has resigned from her position as the editor-in-chief to make a foray into the healthcare industry, in which she will soon be entering by starting a new health, wellness, and lifestyle website.

Thrive Global will launch in November, according to CNN. It will seek to productively attain the twin goals of corporate and consumer health and well-being by busting a popular myth that burnouts are indispensable for achieving success, as reported by BBC News. For this, it will offer educational content related to health and wellness in the form of workshops, e-courses, certifications, training seminars, and webinars, according to “USA Today.”

CNN further reported that the departing editor-in-chief had already divulged her future entrepreneurial plans about Thrive Global in June. However, at that time, she clearly dismissed any intention to step down from her brainchild. She had previously announced she would continue giving primary attention to the Huffington Post, with no imminent change in her current role. However, a conscious realization regarding her physical limitations to do justice to both the ventures forced Huffington to step down from her brainchild.

HuffingtonHer tenure at her maiden newspaper was quite eventful. Originally, she founded it as an online news and blogging website covering mostly entertainment, lifestyle, and politics, as reported by BBC News. However, according to “The Washington Post,” over the years, her paper spearheaded a new wave of journalism that acted as a treasure-trove of opinion news and blogging from the world over designed exclusively for the World Wide Web. This helped to establish its newsworthiness.

The outcome, according to “USA Today,” was that the paper, within less than a decade of its coming into existence became a proud recipient of the coveted Pulitzer-Prize in 2012 for doing a series on wounded veterans and their families. In addition, it was also a strong contender for the same prize again in 2016 due to a multimedia project on opium addiction that it reported nationwide, according to Komo News. However, it was declared a finalist. This helped transform, the Huffington Post, into a major news corporation and digital media giant, which currently has a full-fledged presence in 15 countries, and monthly traffic visit of approximately 200 million unique visitors worldwide, as reported by its official website.

Finally, though, Huffington has clearly expressed the actual reason behind stepping down from her brainchild. Still, speculations exist regarding the same. Most of them pertain to the shifting power dynamics within the digital media corporation due to a series of business buyouts it has witnessed over the last few years, as reported both by its website and Recode.

Huffington According to its website, the news organization was previously owned by AOL Inc. However, in May 2015, telecommunications major, Verizon Wireless, acquired AOL Inc., for $4.4 billion, as reported by Quartz. Since then, the namesake company has become a part of a larger parent entity, as suggested by Komo News.

Yet, Verizon did not stop here, and according to Komo News, in July 2016, announced its likely purchase of Yahoo Inc., pegged at $4.8 billion. Coincidentally, Huffington’s departure, according to Recode is being linked to this new development. As it is expected to create new power structures that might have diminished her role in the company she co-founded 11 years ago.

By Bashar Saajid
Edited by the Graduate Class
Guided by Cathy Milne & Jeanette Smith


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