Trump Opened His Mouth Again and Ignorance Came Out


On Thursday, July 28, 2016, at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), an American-Muslim couple spoke about their son Captain Humayun Khan who was killed in Iraq. His father Khizr Khan, called out Donald Trump on remarks he made about Muslims and immigrants. All over the country, Republicans and Democrats could feel their pain, but Trump had no sympathy and showed nothing but ignorance. He opened his mouth and blasted the couple back with insults.

The young Capt.’s mother, who was referred to as a “Gold Star Mother,” was silent while her husband spoke because looking at her son’s picture brought back the pain of her loss. The Republican nominee blasted her for her silence. Her husband pointed out that Clinton said Capt. Khan represented “America’s Goodness,” while the business mogul referred to a ban on all Muslims. Trump could not see or hear the pain that was clear to everyone else. He spent the few days after the DNC making a big faux pas.

Trump was asked by ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, how he would handle Russia in the Ukraine. Well, another faux pas by the billionaire who replied that they will not go into the Ukraine. Just two years ago Russia did go into the country and took possession of the Crimean Peninsula. Usually, when a presidential candidate makes errors of this magnitude, the country will start a process to determine if he is fit to be president. However, this election is much different and unconventional than previous elections.

The nominee’s ignorance and insults to a Muslim couple, who have been honest hard-working Americans, and love this country has caused an uproar all over, including his own party. So far, fellow Republicans have offered condolences but have not denounced Trump for his cruel remarks.

TrumpPresident Obama criticized Trump for his comments and went on to praise the Gold Star Families, for their sacrifices. On Tuesday, Aug. 2, he declared Trump unfit for the office of the presidency, saying he was unprepared to take on the responsibilities of the highest office in the land. He also expressed a strong disapproval of the Republican Party for standing by the man who has repeatedly opened his mouth in self-defense and whose ignorance has caused confusion and hurt feelings. According to Obama, he has not agreed with other Republican nominees in the past, but he did not think they were unfit.

Another example of Trump’s rudeness was earlier on Tuesday when a baby could be heard crying while he was speaking to a crowd in Va., and at first, he commented how happy he was to hear it. However, minutes later, he said he was just fooling around and the mother should get her baby out of the room. Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine, spoke of the incident by saying one has to be curious and ask: “Which one is the baby?”

The ignorance of the Republican presidential nominee does not seem to end. His ignorance appears almost every time he opens his mouth. The GOP’s determination to stand by him again and again, makes them look as bad as their nominee. One must wonder if they are really hearing him.

Opinion by Katherine Miller
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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