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 America's Got Talent

There is more to “America’s Got Talent” 12-year-old winner, Grace Vanderwaal, than a mellifluous voice. People magazine reported on Sept. 15, 2016, at 8:45 p.m. EDT, that the teenage girl won the 11th season of the reality show, on Wednesday night, in Las Vegas. She walked away with the prize money of $1 million.

However, what makes Vanderwaal unique is the manner in which she plans to make use of the reward. While girls her age dream of buying an expensive dress or traveling to an exotic holiday destination, the young singing sensation surprised everyone with an off-beat decision she made to utilize the prize money. Vanderwaal openly expressed her desire to donate the sum to a music charity, while speaking to People magazine. Thus, exhibiting maturity and sensitivity far beyond her tender age.

According to the People magazine, Vanderwaal has previously been compared to renowned singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The budding singer broke into tears as she clinched the winning title for her original song “Clay.” Soon after the announcement, there was an outpouring of best wishes and words of appreciation for the young entertainer from big names in the music and entertainment industry. While model Heidi Klum appeared confident that Vanderwaal has the potential to make a 100 percent difference in the music industry, actor/judge Howie Mandel noticed the 12-year-old’s potential earlier in the show. Her victory did not surprise him. Similarly, Mel B., another judge, along with show host Nick Cannon, referred to Vanderwaal as a superstar. Thereby, indicating that there is more to “America’s Got Talent” 12-year-old winner, Vanderwaal.

Finally, People magazine reports the following unknown facts about Vanderwaal, which indicate that there is more to “America’s Got Talent” 12-year-old winner than her melodious voice and philanthropic gesture:

– Vanderwaal Is a multi-talented girl.

Vanderwaal is a multi-talented girl. According to People magazine, she is both a singer and songwriter. Apart from that, the 12-year-old knows how to play the ukulele and the saxophone. She learned to play both the instruments watching videos on YouTube.

– She performed on stage before “America’s Got Talent.”

“America’s Got Talent” did serve as the first platform for Vanderwaal to showcase her professional singing talent to the world. However, it was not her first opportunity to deliver a live performance on-stage. Speaking to People magazine, the 12-year-old revealed that her outing as an aspiring singer commenced soon after she learned how to play the musical instruments mentioned above. Vanderwaal voluntarily started performing for her family and then in different open mic nights in New York and New Jersey.

– She dreams of singing on the “American Idol.”

The saying “Man proposes God disposes” perfectly befits the winning journey that Vanderwaal undertook in “America’s Got Talent.” Not many are aware that the budding singer participated in the reality show that turned her into a celebrity overnight, not by choice but by destiny. According to the People magazine, Vanderwaal actually wanted to sing on “American Idol.” However, her young age of 12 made her ineligible to audition for the final season of the show, since it only allowed children 15 years and above to participate. Fortunately, Vanderwaal’s mother signed her up for “America’s Got Talent” in a fluke, and after a week, Vanderwaal auditioned for the show.

– She is fond of Katy Perry.

According to People magazine both critics and fans alike have often drawn analogies between the singing style of Vanderwaal and Swift, comparing the budding singer to the music icon. Although the 12-year-old takes the comparison as a huge compliment, she is a big fan of Katy Perry instead. This is mostly due to the singer’s honesty to herself, which Vanderwaal feels manifests itself in her performances.

– Her friends did not know she could sing before “America’s Got Talent” happened.

Needless to mention, before winning the “America’s Got Talent” championship, Vanderwaal was just another common name. However, until the show happened, the teenager’s singing abilities were equally unknown. According to People magazine, the young entertainer, a reply she gave to judge Simon Cowell during her audition, candidly revealed that most of her peers and school friends hardly knew of her musical talents, until her audition for “America’s Got Talent” went viral.

By Bashar Saajid
Edited by Jeanette Smith

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