Shooting at Alpine High School in Texas Leaves 1 Shot and 2 on the Loose


According to Fox 6 News, Alpine High School, in western Texas, came under fire in the early morning hours of Sept. 8, 2016. It was reported that there were possibly two gunmen, and one person was shot. At this time, it is not known whether the victim was a student or a staff member.

The school, which has about 280 students, was placed on a “critical lockdown.” Other schools that are close by in the school district were also on critical lockdown. Classes started on August 22, and students were beginning to get back into the swing of things.

The Brewster County Sheriff’s Office stated that they believe there were two shooters. They also stated that the shooters had not been arrested.

The school district has almost 1,000 students in a community of 6,500 people. It is approximately 200 miles southeast of El Paso.

At this time, there is no further information on the shooters or the shooting victim. This is an ongoing investigation. Updates will be posted on this situation as they become available.


As reported by CNN News, the first shooting happened in the school’s band hall outside one of the restrooms. Students reported the shooting to have started as their second-period classes began. The student, whose name cannot be released because they are underage, stated that a teacher began yelling, “Get in the classroom!”

Another teacher yelled at her junior class to get in the closet. Another minor stated that they heard someone running and yelling in the hall. She also went on to say that the students started to cry.

Law enforcement saved the day banging on the classroom door and commenced in ushering the students and staff out. Reports by students say that there was blood on the floor in the cafeteria as they went past it while being ushered out of the building.

Officers instructed the students and staff to keep their hands up and run out of the building. Students reported being more scared than they have ever been in their lives.

Early reports of there being two shooters on the loose have been retracted due to the single shooter being killed, as reported by Sheriff Ronny Dodson.

Written by Tracy Blake

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Image Courtesy of Christopher Rose’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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