Heil President-Elect Donald Trump! [Video]


Many people around the world woke up on Nov. 9, 2016, hoping the United States presidential election was a nightmare. The 45th president was announced as, Donald Trump. Could this be the resurgence of white supremacy in the White House?

The date, 11/9, the reverse date of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, in 2001. Throughout his campaign, Trump claimed Muslims celebrated the deaths caused by this tragedy. Thus, he stated, as president, he would close mosques, removing the Islamic place of worship.

Trump promised to deport millions of undocumented Mexicans, calling them murderers and rapists. To expound upon this issue, President-elect Trump nominated the known white nationalist, Steve Bannon as his chief strategist and senior council. This means the nationalist and anti-Semitic rhetoric heard in Trump’s speeches will continue to be heard and developed within U.S. political and foreign policies.

Furthering the “America First” attitude, conservative Senator Jeff Sessions, known for his tough stance on immigration, has been named attorney general to the Trump cabinet. Sessions is in favor of banning Muslims from being able to enter the U.S. Previously, he took a stand against updating the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to prevent states from creating voting policies that discriminate. The Alabama senator claimed the legislation would be intrusive to state governments.

In 2009, an employee with the Justice Department referred to Sessions as a “white civil rights lawyer and a disgrace.” He has referred to white attorneys, who take on black clients, as traitors to their race. According to him, the American Civil Liberties Union and NAACP are unAmerican because they try to force racial equality on people who want it behind them. Heil President-elect Trump!

David Duke, a former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, tweeted, “Senate must demand that Sessions as AG stop the massive institutional race discrimination against whites!” A group of his supporters beat and relieved themselves on a Hispanic homeless man. When Trump was informed of this heinous act, he simply said, “they love their country.”

In 1989, he wanted five Hispanic and African-American teenagers accused of rape, executed. He spent $85,000 on full-page ads in the four major newspapers in New York to make his point. They were determined innocent of the charges. Heil President-elect Trump!

President-elect Trump has nominated retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as his national security advisor. He has been referred to as the “best intelligence officer of his generation.” Flynn performed this duty for the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), under Gen. Stanley McChrystal. The former lieutenant general was an integral part of the increased effectiveness of the unit. This involved capturing and killing extremist fighters in Afghanistan. He also found ways to stream large amounts of intelligence data from isolated agencies to ground troops.

However, other members of the JSOC state that they are a hyper-tactical team and their primary job is to eliminate targets. Flynn, therefore, does not have any experience in developing a military campaign, national policy, or strategic intelligence. These are required as a national security advisor.

When Flynn became the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in 2012, he was not able to reorganize the division. His top-down approach was ineffective. It caused more dysfunction and resistance. After two years, he was told to resign.

Flynn has also been called an “abusive, erratic, right-wing nut.” He has sent tweets saying, “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL!” There are people around him who believe his current behavior is not normal. They blame it on years of a bleak and gloomy lifestyle with the JSOC. It is the opinion of Flynn, that Islam is the root of the war on terrorism. Other intelligence analysts find this viewpoint disturbing.

The national security advisor does not need the approval of Congress. No one will question his behavior. He will not be asked about his ties to Turkey or Russia. In March, Trump announced that as president, he would force the military to torture prisoners and commit war crimes, as he determined necessary.

Already, white supremacy is becoming an open testament for people. The National Policy Institute is an organization committed to the European identity, heritage, and future preservation in the U.S. The group is led by Richard B. Spencer, who describes himself and his organization as alt-right. He envisions a society where all Europeans can gather to achieve an ethnic cleansing.

Saturday, November 19, Spencer held an annual conference for the National Policy Institute. Throughout the day, a variety of speakers talked about nationalism using rather painless terms. This offered a benign experience for the journalists in the room. After dinner, the language changed.

Spencer addressed the people with shouts of “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” while saluting the 200 people in attendance in the same way Nazis saluted Adolf Hitler. As his speech was riddled with anti-Semitic statements. He even referenced mainstream media as Lügenpresse, which is a Nazism used to attack reporters.

What will happen now that white supremacy is, once again, so freely open? The KKK was in clear view of the public eye during the Republican primaries. For now, people hide under the term nationalism but how much time will pass before there is another Holocaust? Heil President-elect Trump!

By Jeanette Smith


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Image Courtesy of jan lewandowski’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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