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workAs a strong believer in the mandate on all of our lives to maximize potential, purpose is a recurring theme in every message I teach.  The power to succeed is directly wired to the purpose of existence. It has been said many times, “We have all been given gifts and talents as a gift from God; what you do with it is your gift back to him,” I beg to differ. It is my belief and experience that what you do with your gifts and talents is your gift to YOU.

We were created to make a life for ourselves and leave a legacy for those that follow simply by exercising our gifts and talents. In that order! Many times we strive to leave legacies but have not first secured a place of purpose for ourselves.  In work as well as everyday ventures, “why” is always the most important resolve.  Robert Fritz said:
One of the most important results you can bring into the world is the ‘you’ that you really want to be.

In other words, you are unique and perfect, at this very moment. We spend valuable time chasing the illusion of perfection thrust upon us by society. However, that image of perfection is flawed simply because it is totally dependent on an external judgment of right and wrong. The reality is, perfection is nothing more than the ability to operate in your purpose in the space of time known as “now.”  There is no one else just like you, with your talents and gifts coupled with your interest and experience; you are uniquely and perfectly crafted as YOU. Everything you have done and experienced up until now has been training… for the rest of your life.

Real success is working hard at what you love. Life is not a dress rehearsal; it is all we have. Since we are going to have to work hard, we may as well work hard at what we love.

A big problem for many of us is we are paralyzed by our belief system. Your belief system is the set of precepts from which you live your daily life, those that govern your thoughts, words, and actions. We have some beliefs so strongly ingrained into our way of thinking that we do not even recognize them for what they are. We become exactly what we believe. Some are so committed to their beliefs; they are willing to cut your head off if you should challenge them.

  • You can be anything you want to be – NOT. You can only be successful at what is in harmony with what you are designed to be. Your gifts and talents are given to you as a workmeans to bring you fulfillment in this life. What is easy and effortless for you to do – almost as seamlessly as breathing?
  • You have unlimited potential – NOT. You do have potential, but you also have limitations. We are created with everything we need to gain the wealth and success that we often waste many hours just dreaming about. The question is, “How are you going to utilize your gifts and talents and have your dreams realized in conjunction with your potential, but within your limitations?”
  • You need to work hard to strengthen what you are not good at – NOT. Work your gifts and strengthen your skill set. To find out what you should be doing, pay attention to what feeds you and what nourishes your soul. Focus on what you have felt most satisfied doing regardless of what others have said you should feel. Expand and amplify your gifts.

We have designed our lives based on our beliefs, opinions, and fears about what might happen if we stop doing what we are currently doing; even though it is not working for us. Your life is your career.  Everything you have experienced is a part of your resume. Your wealth is in your gifts, talents, skill set, experiences, interests, and your struggles.

Those who succeed, not just in work but life overall, do so because they remain focused on their goals, deal with the setbacks and do not give up. They persist because they love what they are doing and cannot think of any other way they would rather live. The impact of your life will be determined by the legacy you leave. What you did, how you lived and whose life you touched. The best legacies are innocent by-products of a life lived on purpose.

We may be packed with potential, but it is time to move out of potential and into purpose – your potential will keep you stagnant. Potential is simply the capability for growth, development, or progress. You may have the potential to do great things or be someone great. Many of us have rested on the laws of our potential too long. It is time to move out of potential and into purpose.

When you are young, you focus on destiny and as you mature your focus shifts to legacy. Legacies are never built on mere potential. Even though greatness may reside within you, it is what you do that flows authentically through who you are that matters most. WORK IT!

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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